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gotham city

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    Video: Chrysler sponsors The Dark Knight Rises, goes Imported From Gotham City

    Chrysler and Warner Brothers have partnered up on a new ad for the 300S and The Dark Knight Rises. The spot shows a special concept version of the big sedan being stitched together in Bruce Wayne's underground lab to music borrowed from the film. Details are scarce on the custom "Dark Knight ...

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    Study: PSA: Bruce Wayne's average Batmobile costs $214,700

    Where does he get those wonderful toys? We're speaking, in case you didn't catch the movie quote, of Batman. Specifically, his most famous car, otherwise known as the Batmobile. There have been well over a hundred Batmobiles since the first, a 1936 Cord, was used in 1941. Seventy-one years ...

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    Gotham meets Cybertron

    Click above image to enlarge var digg_url = ''; Comic book and sci-fi fans are resourceful bunch. While studios and publishers do their best to monetize their hottest properties, the care and feeding lavished upon them by hardcore fans takes things ...


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