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gordon murray

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    Will Gordon Murray's microcar be named iStream?

    Gordon Murray, the man primarily known for bringing us the McLaren F1 is current working on his 25th clean-sheet design, internally dubbed the T.25. While that's a perfectly acceptable codename for a project, it lacks the kind of catchy cache necessary when the city car hits dealers. So, it's with ...

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    Gordon Murray's T25 could come to the U.S. in 2014

    The microcar concept has been around for a long time, but Daimler kick-started its redevelopment with the original smart fortwo. Now, that model's success in the marketplace (if not financially) has prompted such big name players as Toyota and Volkswagen to step up to the plate with innovative new ...

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    Gordon Murray's T25 city car caught at anniversary celebration

    Click above for more teaser shots of the T.25 concept
    Gordon Murray may be best known for his radical supercars, especially the timeless McLaren F1, but his automotive passions span far enough to include vehicles that could be described as the F1's polar opposite. Evidence of such is the T.25 ...

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    Gordon Murray planning new lightweight supercar

    It's no secret that Gordon Murray, the man behind the McLaren F1, has been working on a city car called the Type 25. It appears now, though, that the lure of the supercar is still strong with him. Autocar magazine discovered recently that Murray is considering a supercar to be built using the build ...

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    More details: Gordon Murray's Type-25 city car

    If such projections as cutting the cost of driving and vehicle emissions in half sounds a bit radical to you, that's exactly the response that Gordon Murray is hoping for. Before completely dismissing these claims, remember that Murray is the man most responsible for the road-going supercar known ...

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    More on Gordon Murray Designs' Type 25

    We've been keeping close tabs on Gordon Murray and his namesake's design house since it was announced earlier this year. Beyond having Murray at the helm, he's accompanied by 13 other engineers (many of whom are McLaren ex-pats), and has gained backing from Caparo, Mohr Davidow Ventures and ...

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    Gordon Murray set to create a radical family car

    Over the past three decades, Gordon Murray has produced some of the most innovative and radical designs ever created in Formula One and on the road. From the Brabham BT46B "fan car" to the BT55 with a BMW four-cylinder laid flat on it's side, each car showed he was never afraid to try something ...

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    Caparo T1 update: 200 HP per liter, no more supercharger

    The folks over at Car procured a few shots of the Caparo T1 undergoing testing and have gleaned some interesting information about Gordon Murray's newest masterpiece.First off, the road-going F1 car is living up to its ethos by ditching the supercharger and coming to the party with a naturally ...

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    Rocket's return: McLaren F1's forefather set to make a comeback

    Gordon Murray has had his hands in a number of impressive projects over the years. Be it Formula one or the McLaren F1, if Murray is involved, you know it's going to light, balanced and fast.One of Murray's more intriguing projects was the Rocket, a lightweight, road-going tribute to the ...

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    AC will live, with Smart underpinnings

    The U.K. sports car group Project Kimber has announced that they'll be bringing back the renowned AC mark, with production expected to begin in 2007. As if that's not exciting enough, they've brought in some of the most celebrated names in vehicle design. Most notably among them is Gordon Murray, ...

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    Ex-McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray joins Caparo team

    When it comes to exotic automotive composites, you won't find a bigger name than Gordon Murray. Murray who led the design team that birthed the McLaren F1 and who was up to his elbows in the development of the McMerc, has made the move to Caparo, producers of the T1 supercar.The move mainly centers ...


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