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    Google bringing free turn-by-turn navigation to mobile Maps [w/ VIDEO]

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    If you've been following today's news in the mobile gadget world, you've already heard about the Motorola Droid smartphone powered by the latest version of Google's open-source Android operating system. It's a pretty slick setup, particularly with the ...

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    Woodward 2009: Google watching the watchers!

    Google street view car watching the watchers - Click above for high-res image gallery
    As we strolled down Woodward Ave. this morning shooting all the the wild and wacky machinery idling along, we spotted a little gray Chevy Cobalt on the opposite side of the street. While everyone is welcome to ...

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    Google Street View catches flock of Ferraris in natural habitat

    Click the above image for a closer look at the assembled Ferraris
    Man, the Google Street View Driver got an eyeful the day he drove by this Maranello Moment. And he captured it all for posterity (and Google Maps) to boot. The gaggle of F430 Scuderias and 360 Challenge Stradales is impressive ...

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    Man's racetrack driveway revealed on Google Maps

    Click the image above for more pics of the at-home race track
    Some motorsports fans fly a team flag just beneath the good 'ol red, white and blue, and the lucky/dedicated ones have a project car in the garage. One speed freak has taken his velocity fetish to the next level by foregoing the typical ...

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    Google Maps-powered BMW Search added to 1 and 3 Series

    BMW Assist -- essentially the Bavarian's version of GM's OnStar -- has made BMW Search using Google Maps available on the 1 and 3 Series. Previously, it was only available on BMW models from the 5 series up. If you subscribe to the BMW Assist Convenience Plan, you can use BMW Search to find ...

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    Google Maps Street-View features upgraded visuals for directions

    Thanks to inventions like GPS Navigation and online directions, it's getting harder to get lost by the day. Google Maps has been a big hit for folks trying to navigate to new destinations, and the free service just got cooler with the integration of Street-View into driving directions. Now when you ...

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    BMW and Google help European drivers navigate better, read Autoblog

    Those of you rolling in any new BMW model equipped with sat nav and Bluetooth connectability, save the Z4 and X3, can now integrate Google's useful, albeit sometimes erroneous, route plotting into your Bimmer. The joint effort between ze Germans and the search overlords allow users to log onto ...

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    Smile! That Cobalt could be a Google StreetView Camera Car

    As long as everybody is on to them, Google is apparently set to step out of their surveillance vans and greet the world in a fleet of shiny new Cobalts. A Gizmodo reader happened to spot a StreetView camera van finishing a round of picture taking duty and followed it back to Google's Mountain View, ...

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    Google Street View finds one fugly Buick and more

    Wasting time scouring Google Maps with the company's new Street View feature has become our new favorite hobby. Earlier today we showed you one of the vehicles that's used to take the street level pictures. It turns out these vehicles capture some amazing things, and since they're on the ground ...

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    Google's Street View Car: Take a look at the vehicle that's looking at you!

    While it was much more fun to think of the little hover-droid flying around New York City waiting to snap pictures for you of the surrounding city-scape, the reality is a bit less interesting, although more realistic. The vehicle you see in the picture above is one of Immersive Media's camera ...

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    Google Maps adds Street View function

    Using Google Maps to peer down from the heavens and zoom into your best friend's back yard never gets old. Today Google further fed our God complex by introducing a brand new feature to its all-encompassing maps called Street View. Though it only appears to be working in major cities like the Big ...

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    Google Maps reveals hot new trend: Dutch wall parking

    How thoughtful. Google maps not only directed one motorist to his desired address, but also found a creative place for him to park. Actually, it's just some public art. Using the satellite image feature, a visitor to this particular address in the Hague, Netherlands, will see an image of some wall ...

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    BMW and Google Maps marry dash and desktop

    var digg_url = ''; GPS navigation systems continue to be a popular option for car buyers. Some of the most frequent complaints with electronic navigation, however, are that the maps themselves aren't updated frequently ...


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