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    Dealership service doesn't seem so expensive anymore

    Poor guy. After wearing out the first set of Goodyear's on his beloved Elise (not hard to do. -Ed.), he figured where better to take it than a Goodyear dealer, right? Especially since his father-in-law had been the service manager there for 10+ years. What could possibly go wrong? After reviewing ...

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    Update on Goodyear Tire strike

    The latest news out of Detroit is that automakers might run into some tire shortages should the recent walkout by Goodyear workers continue for more than a few weeks. Adding to that problem was yesterday's news of an additional 300 hourly workers being laid off at a North Carolina plant, because of ...

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    Drop that tire: Goodyear workers go on strike

    At 1 PM EST yesterday, the United Steelworkers union terminated its contract with Goodyear, causing 15,000 employees to walk off the job and subsequently shut down 16 plants in the U.S. and Canada. The strike came after negotiations between the two parties had stalled after several months of ...

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    Goodyear launches the Spirit of Innovation

    Goodyear's newest blimp, the Spirit of Innovation, was christened Wednesday at Goodyear's Wingfoot Lake Airship hangar in Akron, Ohio. The aircraft, which had undergone testing for the past year only under its Federal Aviation Administration moniker N2A, was named the Spirit of ...

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    Goodyear Eagles take flight with carbon fiber

    Goodyear is adding carbon fiber to its latest generation of Eagle tires. Dubbed 'ResponsEdge Technology with Carbon Fiber,' the company's new shoes match a carbon fiber sidewall ring with a Kevlar overlay and an asymmetrical tread design. According to the company line, the exotic construction ...

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    Video: Michelin Tweel in motion

    It's been well over a year since Michelin unveiled its take on the future of the tire, the airless Tweel. The odd-looking invention pairs a replaceable outer rubber layer with a central alloy hub joined by polyurethane ribs. Judging by this video, it would appear that the tire manufacturer is ...

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    Goodyear blows out 1,500 jobs, shutters European plants

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber has announced plans to slash 1,500 jobs in an effort to save $50 million dollars. The world's largest tire company will reach those goals in part by shuttering plants in Britain and Poland. Part of its restructuring efforts that began last September, the manufacturer ...

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    Goodyear adds some (carbon) fiber to its diet

    Is there any application that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of carbon fiber? You can strike tire technology from the list, as Goodyear has announced a new line of Eagle tires that features ResponsEdge Technology. The outboard sidewall of these new shoes are reinforced with a carbon fiber ...


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