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goodyear polyglas

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    Video: Is this the most sexist ad of all time?

    When there's a woman at the wheel... Say what you will about political correctness, women's rights, stereotypes and preconceived ideas. None of that matters. What's really important are the tires you choose to mount on your car. Not that Goodyear was the only company so long ago capitalizing on ...

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    VIDEO: Goodyear Polyglas - Because so much chauvinism is riding on your tires

    Click above to jump to the 1970's video
    Let's face it: Driving can be a scary ordeal. Particularly at night, in the city, with construction detours and spooky lights... when you're a Seventies housewife! At least, that's what Goodyear had to say in this commercial, aired during the first Monday ...


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