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Peugeot looks like it's ratcheting the good-old British-French rivalry up a notch by bringing its Onyx diesel-hybrid concept car at England's Goodwood Festival of Speed this July, according to Hybrid Cars.


Mini diesel by Cummins – Click above to enlarge


Here's the four wheeled bearded lady of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, courtesy of Kahn Design and (God help us) Cosworth. To us, spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, then affixing a bodykit to it that would make an '88 Grand Am sneer seems a bit nonsensical. Then again, being of means doesn't always translate into having sense. As if that wasn't enough, even Cosworth hasn't coaxed much out of this abomination. The 3.6-liter diesel V8 gets an extra 30 horsepower, for an even 300.

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