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good samaritan

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    Video: Santa saves man from burning pickup, directs traffic

    You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why: One day, Santa Claus himself might pull you from your burning Ford Explorer Sport Trac before you're engulfed in flames. Brad Luddeke was on his way to deliver gifts to needy children when he came upon an accident ...

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    Video: Strangers lift overturned truck to save woman's life

    Men and women are capable of amazing feats when life and death are on the line. The latest example proving this fact can be found in the video after the break, where you'll see a group of heroic strangers lifting an overturned pickup truck just enough to free a helpless passenger. The accident ...

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    Video: Heroic bystanders lift fiery BMW off trapped motorcyclist

    Humans working together can do amazing things. An example of this was recently caught on video, when bystanders at the scene of fiery accident came together to save a life. In Logan, Utah, a 21-year-old motorcycle rider collided with a BMW. The resulting accident created a flame-filled scenario ...


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