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    Official: Mercedes knows its buyers, designs golf cart of the future

    The Mercedes-Benz Vision golf cart isn't a golf cart at all, it's an electric luxo-buggy that you can use on the greens and that should have its own model-line designation, like Tee-Class. The Germans gathered suggestions from around the world for the ideal golfer carrier, and the top poll ...

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    Video: Watch David Coulthard catch a speeding golf ball in an SLS AMG Roadster

    So we told you a few weeks ago about former F1 hotshot David Coulthard racing down a golf ball in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, setting some sort of goofy world record in the process. Well, now we have video of the feat. While you watch the footage, we encourage you to consider just how a hybrid of ...

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    Geneva: 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet pops its top, just can't stop

    Despite the current trend, not every car looks good with its top lopped off. We're looking at you, Nissan and Land Rover. The Volkswagen GTI doesn't get any prettier after losing its roof and seems to get, well, a little softer, more, ok, we're just gonna say it – girly. A bit like the ...

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    VIDEO: Best possible way to win a BMW Z4?

    2009 BMW Z4 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    PGA golfer Leif Olson has only made $19,512 so far in 2009, and, we're just guessing here when we say that his portfolio and his golf game probably isn't going to approach Tiger Woods status any time soon. At the same time, Olson has done ...


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