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    Video: Racing dispute devolves into kart-flipping brawl

    It's a fairly well known fact that racers are quite a competitive sort, not taking well to losing or things that they view as unfair. That's led to some great confrontations over the years, with one of the most recent being the Ed Carpenter and James Hinchcliffe dispute at this year's Indy 500. ...

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    Video: Go-kart driver can't go over the top

    "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." That must be the motto of the go-kart driver shown in this video. After an attempt to pass on the outside of a dirt oval track, he has a hard introduction with the wall (in what appears to be the worst possible way), but quickly shakes it off and ...

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    Video: Australian go-kart driver plays in traffic

    From the files of "wouldn't it be cool if..." comes this case of mistaken vehicular identity. See, the driver of this go-kart must think that he's piloting an actual street-legal motor vehicle. That has to be the explanation as why someone would be crazy enough to take a go-kart on busy city ...

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    Confirmed: Racing Dreams documentary premiering on PBS in February [w/video]

    Racing Dreams is an award-winning documentary that follows the racing exploits of three go-kart racing youths chasing an entry into the world of NASCAR. As we reported before, when Racing Dreams took the podium at the Tribeca Film Festival, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got behind this project as ...

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    Video: Translogic takes the all-electric Z-Kart for a spin

    Translogic tours the neighborhood on the all-electric Z-Kart – Click above to watch video
    What's the best way to get your motoring kicks for less while consuming zero fuel and emitting only adrenaline? Riding a Zero motorcycle sounds like a lot of fun, until you get to that part about it ...

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    Video: Rémi's real-life Mario Kart is back!

    Itsa him... Rémi Gaillard, bringing Mario Kart into the real world – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Rémi Gaillard is at it again. You might remember the last time the Frenchman took to his local streets in a go-kart, because he did it while dressed as the Nintendo ...

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    The Streets of Monaco super yacht features go-kart track... and everything else

    The Streets of Monaco super-yacht – Click above for image gallery
    Those who follow the super-yacht scene know that these giant floating mansions have grown to incorporate all manner of amenities: helipads, bowling alleys, swimming pools, garages... anything and everything you might expect ...

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    Video: Worst go-kart pileup ever?

    When go-karts attack – Click above to watch the video
    Ever see those Tour de France crashes that start with one guy in Spandex shorts face-planting into the cement and ends up with 30 or 40 cyclists cascading like dominoes? It's a horrific site to be sure; one that gets replayed dozens of ...

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    VIDEO: MINI Clubman vs. Go Kart

    The MINI Clubman is everything the MINI Cooper is and more -- nine inches more. It has a passenger-side suicide door and that wide-mouth split rear gate, but everything else from its retro looks to the 172-hp turbocharged four-cylinder underhood is the same. But is it the same? Does nine inches of ...

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    Hayabusa-powered go kart redefines the term overpowered

    Anybody who's ever strapped themselves into a shifter-kart can attest to the fact that they are one of the most exhilarating rides available, and their capabilities are much higher than first expected. That being the case, when swapping the 125cc engine from the go kart with a 1300cc engine from ...

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    Teenager in go-kart evades German police

    A wannabe race driver lead police on a 3-mile pursuit through the streets of a German town last Friday while behind the wheel of a go-kart. The 18-year-old driver had all of seven squad cars on the chase, but they couldn't keep up with the kart's high speeds through the corners. The teenager even ...

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    Proper priorities: Four-year old gets signed to pro-motorsports contract

    Top-level athletes are being identified at younger ages all the time, with most tennis or gymnastics prodigies being noticed by age 10. Over in the UK, motorsports are huge, and four year-old Ben Kasperczack has just been signed to a four-year contract with Motorsport World. That's right, 'lil Ben ...

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    VIDEO: Playing indoors - Lancia Delta S4 on a kart track!

    How many times have you heard someone use the phrase, "That thing handles like a go-kart." Well, in the case of the Lancia Delta S4 of Group B fame, it's true. The video embedded after the jump was taken at an indoor track. Killer stuff, and it had to have sounded incredible in there while this was ...

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    Formula 1: Scott Speed to race at U.S. karting Supernationals

    Scuderia Toro Rosso's Scott Speed will return to his racing roots in November, sliding into a shifter kart to race in the 10th running of U.S. karting's SuperNationals in Las Vegas.Speed got his start in karting, and he's the only shifter kart pilot to win the SuperNats twice, in 2000 and 2001. ...


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