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    BREAKING: General Motors files for IPO

    General Motors, the largest automaker based in the United States, has officially filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an Initial Public Offering. By offering preferred stock along with its IPO, GM is looking to allow the U.S. Treasury (and by extension, American ...

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    Report: GM pushes IPO filing back to August due to financial issues

    General Motors – or perhaps it was all those sources 'in the know' – had their drums beating about a possible IPO filing as early as last week. Here we are a week later and there's still no firm sign of a stock offering. Reuters, quoting a "source familiar with the situation," now ...

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    Report: Top GM execs awarded millions in stock ahead of IPO

    It pays to be an executive for General Motors. Actually, scratch that... it will soon pay to be an executive with General Motors, assuming that the automaker's upcoming Initial Public Offering takes place according to plan. According to our friends at, a dozen top officials at ...

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    REPORT: Despite having no real value, investors continue to trade GM stock

    As of 10 am this morning, General Motors stock was trading at about 80 cents. If you think that is a bit of a bargain, you may be a bit of crazy. With The General apparently almost finished with bankruptcy, there is near certainty that the company's common stock will mean exactly nothing in a ...

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    REPORT: Execs including Bob Lutz, Troy Clarke dump GM stock

    As General Motors teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, several major executives have just taken advantage of an opportunity to sell their stock shares just after the company's quarterly earnings report came out in May. Among them, Bob Lutz, Troy Clarke, Thomas Stephens and several others decided ...

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    Cheap shares lead GM to suspend employee stock purchases

    You know what they say: "Buy low and sell high." General Motors stock closed at $9.45 on September 30, which is 78% below its 52-week high of $43.20. That little piece of news, coupled with GM's enormous financial losses and declining sales, makes stock in the 100-year-old company sound like a bad ...

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    In the name of faith: GM dealers buy $1M in GM stock

    GM has had what can be conservatively called a difficult week. In a live press conference, CEO Rick Wagoner delivered sobering news about health care cuts, asset sales, retirement and separation packages, and the elimination of GM stock dividend. The doom and gloom hasn't scared off the General's ...

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    Ban lifted: GM execs can sell their shares

    Two years ago when General Motors embarked on its latest turnaround plan, the company instated a two-year stock trade ban on its top 20 executives. The group included well-known names such as Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, and Vice Chairman of Global Product Development Bob Lutz. Until today, none ...


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