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    Report: General Motors working on diesel hybrids

    If you want to maximize you fuel efficiency in the city, your best bet is probably a hybrid. On the flip side of the coin, if you do most of your driving on the open road, diesel engines tend to be much more economical than their gasoline-powered siblings. What if you could combine the two, ...

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    Hybrid sales slide 9.9% in 2008

    Despite all the clamor about how hybrids are going to save the planet, cure cancer, facilitate the second coming, etc., sales of battery-pack-mobiles are down nearly ten percent for 2008. At the beginning of 2008, it looked like hybrids were going to have their best year ever, driven by high fuel ...

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    General Motors plans to purchase Cobasys outright

    Shortly after reports of leaky batteries coming from Cobasys, which greatly slowed the production of GM's mild hybrid vehicles, such as the Saturn Vue and Aura hybrids and Chevy Malibu hybrid, comes a report from Automotive News which suggests that General Motors may just purchase the troubled ...

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    Doh! Battery leakage hurts GM hybrid production

    As much as General Motors would like to sell more hybrids, we'd imagine it would be pretty tough to do so without having the batteries on hand. It turns out that since December of last year, GM has had to recall some nine-thousand battery packs produced by its supplier, Cobasys, which were due for ...

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    Are GM and Toyota working on a hybrid together?

    The evidence: rumor had it at the LA Auto Show that customers would soon have the option of buying a hybrid Toyota Matrix and a hybrid Pontiac Vibe; the 2009 Pontiac Vibe is made at NUMMI, a GM-Toyota joint venture manufacturing plant where the Matrix is also made; Toyota's already got its hybrid ...

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    GM unveiling surprise concept on Sunday

    With all the broken embargoes lately, we were expecting NAIAS to be no more a surprise than what we bought ourselves for Christmas (socks, btw). But look there! What's that behind the sparkling Auto Show tree? A gift from none other than Mark LaNeve, GM Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with a ...


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