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23No carbon fiber was harmed in the making of new 2015 GMC Sierra Carbon Edition

Carbon fiber is known for its properties of combining amazing strength with extremely low weight, and its frequent use in high performance vehicles gives the material a somewhat aggressive air. GMC is hoping to play on some of that mean reputation with its upcoming trio of Sierra Carbon Editions. However, despite their name, there's no actual carbon making its way onto these trucks (at least in the form of CF). Instead, the special edition is a graphics package with some extra equipment thrown i

962014 GMC Sierra [w/video]

Big And Boxy Might Be Best

79Toyota Tundra overtakes GMC Sierra 1500 in year-to-date sales?

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/business_finance/Toyota_Tundra_knocks_off_domestic_truck_to_become_4_best_seller'; The launch of Toyota's all-new 2007 half-ton Tundra pickup has had its fair share of hiccups, but despite bumps in the road, it appears that the Japanese automaker's half-ton has become the first import pickup to overtake a domestic in year-to-date sales. According to Mike Levine at pickuptruck.com, it appears the GMC Sierra 1500 lost its #4 ranking in half-ton sales to the Tundr

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