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    Report: GM stock prices finally eclipse $33 IPO price

    General Motors has reached an important milestone this morning: the price for one share of the company has climbed to over $33. That's higher than the Initial Public Offering price from 2010. At roughly 12:15PM Eastern today, GM shares were up $0.97 on the day, some 2.99 percent, for a total of ...

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    Report: Feds expect greater loss on auto bailout

    The saga of the U.S. Treasury's involvement with General Motors has become the theater of call and response: the call is Treasury announcing how much it stands to lose on its bailout of GM, the response is a turgid chorus of "Government Motors!" and "They should have died!" peppered with a few ...

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    Report: Treasury has no plans to sell remaining GM stock quite yet

    General Motors stock has been languishing for months, failing to climb past $30 per share since July of last year. Trading at around $22 per share today, the optimism that surrounded the company's emergence from bankruptcy and initial public offering in November 2010 has all but vanished. So it's ...

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    Report: One year after IPO, GM stock is down by a third

    It's been a full year since the General Motors Initial Public Offering, and the company's stock isn't performing as well as anyone in Detroit or Washington, D.C. would like. As The Detroit News notes, the stock has dipped by 30 percent from its initial price, thanks in part to troubles in Europe ...

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    Report: U.S. hesitant to sell its GM stock due to low price

    The United States government still has a vested interest in the success of General Motors. In fact, the U.S. government is sitting on 500 million shares, which are currently worth about $14.3 billion dollars based on current prices. There is a problem, though, as the U.S. Treasury Department was ...

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    Report: Delphi files for $100 million IPO

    2009 was a rough year for most companies in the automotive industry. Delphi, a major automotive parts supplier, saw things a little differently. After entering bankruptcy in 2005, Delphi was able to climb out of its Chapter 11 hole in 2009. Now, two years later, Delphi is heading to Wall Street, ...

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    Rasmussen Reports: More Car Buyers Looking For "American"

    A Rasmussen Reports poll fielded in November – before General Motors' IPO – finds a rise in the preference of "American-built" vehicles, as well as a willingness to accept U.S.-built Toyota and BMW products as the same as buying an "American" product. Forty-one percent of respondents ...

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    GM blue-block logo is down, but not out

    GM's Renaissance Center headquarters shortly before the new sign was unveiled
    The familiar blue-block General Motors logo that has adorned the automaker's headquarters, ads and websites for many years is down from the building, but not all the way out of existence. GM dropped the old familiar ...

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    Report: Saudi prince claims to own 1% of GM

    The dust is beginning to settle around the General Motors IPO, and we're finally getting a sense of exactly who is holding onto big slices of the company. The New York Times is reporting that Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal has managed to snag a full one percent of the automaker with a massive $500 ...

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    Former Car Czar Rattner settles with SEC, sued by Cuomo

    Former White House Auto Industry Task Force member Steven Rattner is being sued by New York State Attorney General and Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo for allegedly paying kickbacks to win investments in the state's pension fund. Cuomo is seeking $26 million from Rattner, and to bar him from trading ...

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    GM stock opens up, revving Camaro accompanies opening bell

    All of General Motors' top brass were in person on Wall Street this morning to witness the company's return to public life. In fact, GM took over the New York Stock Exchange with a giant banner hung on the outside of the building and the revving engine of a Chevrolet Camaro SS accompanying the ...

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    GM raises stock prices and increases size ahead of IPO

    If you've been squirreling away your pennies in anticipation of General Motors' IPO, we've got news for you. The company released a statement this morning announcing that it has increased its stock price from $26 to $29 per share to $32 to $33 per share. Additionally, General Motors is now planning ...

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    Report: Ralph Nader urges government to postpone GM IPO

    Ralph Nader has written a letter to President Barack Obama, urging him to delay General Motors' IPO. According to The Detroit News, his fear is that the automaker is still the "same old arrogant GM" and that the government stands to lose a bundle on the sale of its stock. Nader is not alone in ...

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    General Motors announces Q3 profit of $1.96 billion ahead of IPO

    General Motors posted its last financial report before the company's initial public offering of stock next week. In it, the company reported that in the third quarter of 2010, it earned a net income of $1.96 billion on a total of $34.06 billion in revenue. That puts the automaker's 2010 figures at ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #203 - SEMA, Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake and money for Chrysler and GM

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Episode #203 of the Autoblog Podcast is here. Chris, Dan and Zach go over a few things from SEMA before talking about the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, Chrysler's recent financial good news and GM's impending IPO. Your feedback and ...

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    Report: China's SAIC Motors will buy shares of GM IPO

    While General Motors may be jetting around the globe in an attempt to woo investors, one company has made it clear it wants to snap up plenty of GM stock once The General goes public. Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor President Chen Hong is currently in the States to negotiate with the American ...

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    Report: General Motors eligible for a tax break of up to $45B

    They say that only certain things in life are death and taxes. General Motors already escaped one of the two, and now it's getting a big break on the other – as part of GM's restructuring plan, it's eligible for up to $45 billion in tax breaks. Under the Troubled Asset Relief Program ...

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    GM IPO is go!

    As expected, following yesterday's nationwide election proceedings, General Motors has filed the details on its forthcoming Initial Public Offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Targeting a share price range of $26.00 to $29.00, the company will offer 365 million shares of common ...

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    GM to buy back $2.1 billion of Preferred Stock, improve financial position

    General Motors has just announced a series of actions intended to improve its financial position and make it more attractive to investors ahead of its Initial Public Offering. Perhaps the most intriguing is word that it plans to purchase $2.1 billion of Preferred Stock from the United Stated ...

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    Rattner: GM and Chrysler will be "gushing profits"

    General Motors and Chrysler LLC will lead automakers to "gushing profits" when annual U.S. sales reach 15 million vehicles, said Steven Rattner, the former head of the federal government's auto task force, on Bloomberg TV last Friday. "This industry has been restructured to make money," Rattner ...


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