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gm heritage center

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    Report: Preserving automotive history costs big bucks

    $1.8 million is spent each year to maintain GM's fleet of 600 production and concept cars. When at least two of the Detroit Three were on the verge of death a few years back, one of the tough questions that was asked of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler execs – outside of why execs were ...

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    GM Performance manager to advise Barrett-Jackson bidders

    GM will be "thinning the herd" of its Heritage Collection at this year's Barrett-Jackson auction, beginning January 13th in Scottsdale, AZ. As many as 250 historically significant cars, trucks and concepts are slated to go under the gavel, a few are bound to be sold well under their true value, and ...

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    General Motors partially opens Heritage Center to the public

    One of the most amazing collections of historic cars anywhere is also one that very few people have ever seen. Since it's inception, the General Motors Heritage Center has never been open to the public. The center has a collection of nearly 800 cars of which about 200 are typically on display at ...

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    General Motor Heritage Center: Hood Ornaments Gallery

    Click on the photo for a high res gallery of aviation inspired hood ornamentsOnce upon a time, car designers just drew up whatever looked good to their eye, and added all kinds of ornamentation. Thoughts of what might occur to a pedestrian who was unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path ...


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