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gm futurliner

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    GM Futurliner hoping to become world's most expensive car hauler

    Among what appears to be many interests, Brad Boyajian spends much of his time restoring trucks and buses. And among them, Boyajian counts restorations of one of the mightiest buses of them all: the General Motors Futurliner. Twelve of the GM battle jitneys were built for the Parade of Progress ...

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    Read This: The perils of trying to create a GM Futurliner registry

    General Motors built 12 Futurliners for the three-year futurama road show in the early 1940s known as the "Parade of Progress." Nine of them still exist, and one would think that in a world where we can use a carbon molecule to divine the birth date of a dinosaur and have tiny robots sorting out ...

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    Video: GM Futurliner runs quarter mile like a Boss

    General Motors built the Futurliner to promote a traveling show called the "GM Parade of Progress" in the 1940s and '50s. The slippery-lined bus, which was penned by the legendary Harley Earl, is one of 12 that traveled the U.S. to show Americans the future of motoring and technology. GM ...

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    Followup: Futurliner auction a bust on eBay

    One of the last remaining General Motors Futurliner busses failed to live up to expectations at auction. Bidding on the restored machine started at $500,000, but after a week on eBay Motors, bidders had only managed to turn the volume up to $505,600. That's a tall stack of cash, but still well ...

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    Multi-million dollar GMC Futurliner to be auctioned by eBay Motors

    July 8 is National Collector's Car day, and to celebrate, eBay Motors is hosting an auction that should break the site's record for the most expensive vehicle ever sold through the site. One of the nine remaining General Motors Futurliners is set to fetch millions of dollars on the site as its ...

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    Got a few million bucks sitting around? '39 GM Futurliner on eBay!

    Click image for photo galleryThe last Barrett-Jackson auction to really offer a true sense of spectacle and palpable entertainment value was the 2006 edition. A number of interesting cars crossed the block that year, but nothing could top the absolute insanity that took hold in Westworld when the ...

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    The most expensive red and green auction cars of the year

    In a special slideshow on their website, Sports Car Market has fashioned a sort of Christmas card for collectible car lovers. Culling the year's most expensive lots out of the top auctions from around the globe, they found the ten priciest red and green vehicles to cross the blocks in 2006. Sure we ...


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