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gm executives

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    Report: Court upholds pension cuts to 100 retired GM execs

    100 retired executives from General Motors will soldier on with smaller pensions after a trio of judges in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, ruled in favor of the automaker. The dispute stemmed from the requirements made by the Obama administration as part of GM's bankruptcy and ...

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    Report: Stock buyback gives GM execs permission to use corporate jets again

    General Motors executives are once again certified members of the jet set. As you may recall, one of the concessions made by automakers in accepting government assistance back in 2009 was a requirement to discontinue the use of private jets in lieu of standard commercial airline flights. The ...

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    Report: General Motors retirees suing for lost benefits

    Part of the reason that General Motors survived its recent bout with bankruptcy is that it greatly reduced the amount of benefits it was paying to its retired workers. Now, more than 100 former GM executives are suing because they feel the automaker owes them dough. General Motors has a plan ...

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    Report: Top GM execs awarded millions in stock ahead of IPO

    It pays to be an executive for General Motors. Actually, scratch that... it will soon pay to be an executive with General Motors, assuming that the automaker's upcoming Initial Public Offering takes place according to plan. According to our friends at, a dozen top officials at ...

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    GM names Susan Docherty GM VP of International Operations, Sales and Marketing

    Susan Docherty is continuing her tour of General Motors' vice president offices. The 47-year-old executive has spent time both as the company's vice president of U.S. marketing and the VP of U.S. sales during her career with the Detroit-based automaker, but as of June 1, 2010, Docherty will get the ...


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