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gm ev1

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    Smithsonian asks public to vote on cars for American History display

    The recently renovated National Museum of American History – Click above to cast your vote
    The Smithsonian Institution's collection of treasures extends far beyond what's actually on display in its D.C. museums. Ranging from ancient artifacts to modern marvels, this bit is likely to ...

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    Hey GM, Bring Back the EV1 - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    A decade ago General Motors put one of the coolest cars of all time on the road, the EV1. While there were a number of hard-core EV enthusiasts who became passionately committed to the car, it never caught on with the masses. But that was then and this is now. GM should seriously consider putting ...

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    Did CARB kill the electric car?

    The General Motors EV1 has turned into one of the largest scapegoats in the automotive industry. Many people believe that the futuristic electric car was put to pasture long before its full usefulness had been met, a controversial viewpoint supported by the Chris Paine film, "Who Killed the ...


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