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In these uncertain economic times, a job working for an automaker with a possible bankruptcy looming in the distance may be better than no job at all. This fact must be readily apparent to the 600 or so General Motors workers who have changed their mind and turned down the automaker's latest round of buyout offers, in this case worth $20,000 in cash plus a $25,000 voucher to buy a brand new vehicle from The General. Previous buyouts had offered as much as $140,000 to leave, depending on the indi


When asked about the possible GM/Chrysler buyout deal, Ron Gettelfinger, the head of the United Auto Workers Union said, "I have absolutely no opinion on that at all." Really?! No opinion?! No comment, we could understand. But no OPINION? This could be one of the most significant moves in the future of your organization and the U.S. auto industry in general. And you have no opinion? That seems odd to say the least. In his defense, perhaps Gettelfinger just didn't have the desire to SHARE his opi

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