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    Ford takes SYNC to Europe, expands to 19 languages

    Ford has announced it will debut its SYNC system in Europe in the 2012 Ford Focus, expanding its current language range from three to 19. The Microsoft-based system first launched in the States in 2007, and has met with enough success to pursue global marketing of the platform. Ford is working ...

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    Chrysler officially done building engines with Hyundai, Mitsubishi

    In a terse statement issued last night, Chrysler made official what had been expected for at least a couple of weeks: The Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance is no more. Chrysler Group LLC has bought out its former partners Hyundai and Mitsubishi, and the Dundee, MI engine plant that builds ...

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    J.D. Power warns global auto market may "outright collapse" in 2009

    J.D. Power and Associates, the influential industry tracking firm, warned that the global auto market may "outright collapse" due to the lack of available credit and the general global economic conditions in 2009. According to the company, credit market restructuring, fewer leasing options, and ...

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    Lincoln going global?

    Bringing his experience heading Lexus with him when he defected to Ford, Jim Farley's got his eye on some premium-Toyota style brand growth. Ford's past party line has been that the Lincoln nameplate is strictly for North American consumption, but Farley's been conferring with other Forders like ...

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    Honda building spree reveals plans for global growth

    So Acura won't be making it to Japan just yet, and the new NSX has been delayed until at least 2010, but parent company Honda is not slowing down for anything. Company President Takeo Fukui is determined not to let Honda get left behind in the battle for global automotive supremacy. In the name ...

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    Prediction: US auto market grows, Big 3 market share shrinks

    According to Global Insight, the US auto market will grow next year. From 16.2 million cars sold in 2007, the mark will reach 17 million by 2010 and 17.7 million by 2012. Imports will move 4.4 million units that year, up from 3.7 million now. But by saying that The Big Three have "have lost the ...

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    Ferrari Gives Dany Bahar Wings

    As if Ferrari needed any help promoting its brand, they've gone and hired Dany Bahar. During his tenure at Red Bull, the intrepid Turk transformed the energy drink company from a simple sponsor into team owners, first acquiring Red Bull Racing from Ford when Jaguar's F1 team went bust, then going ...

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    One badge to rule them all: Chevy to unify model names globally

    General Motors has proven it should be taken seriously in its efforts to harmonize its many global outposts into a single, coherent unit. The Opel-ifying of Saturn is the most obvious example, but Chevy, which is enjoying increased popularity in Europe, wants in on the globalization action, too. ...

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    GM Global down only 3 percent in Q3 sales

    General Motors reported global sales of 2,296,000 vehicles in the third quarter, which is a 3-percent decline versus Q3 of last year. That's only 66,000 unit off what was sold during the same period in 2005, and the GM spinmeisters attribute the difference to the employee pricing war last year and ...

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    Toyota to take over the world with 10 million vehicles by 2010 - Narf!

    One thinks of a classic cartoon when investigating the upcoming exploits of Toyota... "Whatcha wanna do tonight, Brain?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!" Toyota has announced that it will produce a whopping 10 million vehicles by 2010. As part of the grand ...


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