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    Read This: The latest thinking on 'Peak Car'

    Peak Car is the theory that one day soon, the global auto industry will reach its sales maximum and numbers will only decrease from then on. Increase in the number of city dwellers, concerns over pollution and crippling gridlock (all of which are conveniently shown above, in Beijing) could all ...

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    Report: VW is world's second-best-selling automaker, GM falls to third

    Every year when we start talking about which automaker is the biggest in the world, there always seems to be at least a little bit of controversy. For 2013, Toyota handily took the top spot with 9.98 million sales, but it's the runner up spot between General Motors and Volkswagen that is starting ...

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    Report: World auto sales to hit 100M by 2018?

    Good news is on the horizon for global automakers as a confluence of factors could lead the number of cars sold globally to surge from the current estimate of 82 million for 2013 to over 100 million by 2018, according to a recent report from The Detroit Free Press. What's interesting, though, is ...

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    Report: Toyota hangs on to title of world's largest automaker for first half of 2013

    General Motors and Ford can have all the success they please, but it doesn't seem like America's two largest manufacturers are going to topple Toyota in the first half of 2013. According to Reuters, Toyota moved 4.91 million vehicles in the first six months of 2013, representing a 1.1-percent ...

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    Report: GM outsold VW globally in first quarter, Toyota reports numbers next week

    General Motors released its first quarter sales figures this week, reporting that it sold 2.36 million cars and trucks worldwide. That figure represents an increase of 3.6 percent when compared to the same period last year. GM's growth was attributed to many factors, including global Cadillac ...

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    Official: GM appoints new global chief of Cadillac who's already talking sports cars

    General Motors has created the new position of global vice president for Cadillac. Stepping into that new role is GM senior executive and top lobbyist Robert E. Ferguson, who will oversee global growth and development of the luxury brand. Ferguson is responsible for marketing, brand management and ...

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    Report: Toyota takes title of World's Largest Automaker... again, for now

    Now that the title of world's largest maker has become a clear and eager battle, we can expect more regular updates on the progress of the combatants. Bloomberg reports that Toyota snagged the #1 crown in Q1, taking it away from General Motors with 2.49 million units sold across its five brands ...

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    Official: GM retakes global sales crown with over 9M units shifted in 2011

    Look who's back on top again? Just 30 months since General Motors emerged from bankruptcy, the Detroit-based automaker can once again call itself the world's largest. GM sold just over 9 million vehicles globally in 2011, its highest sales total ever, while chief rival Toyota may slip as far as ...

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    Volkswagen overtakes Ford in global sales

    Ford and Volkswagen have been traveling in different directions of late, with VW posting record earnings while Ford is losing cash by the billions. VW's momentum doesn't stop with cold, hard cash, either. The German automaker's first half year sales rose 7.2% to 3.31m, while Ford posted a free-fall ...

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    Here we go again: Toyota sells more cars worldwide in first half than GM

    The seesaw battle between GM and Toyota for the title of world's largest automaker is still being waged, and after tallying up global sales for the first half of the year, Toyota has opened up a pretty big lead. The Japanese automaker totaled 4.82m units told, with GM trailing with sales of 4.54m ...

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    Toyota cuts global sales target to 9.5M vehicles

    If there was ever any doubt that the auto industry is in a very rough patch, today's news from Toyota should erase any doubt. A Japanese newspaper is reporting that the automotive juggernaut has unofficially revised its 2008 sales forecast from an ambitious 9.85m vehicles to a still blistering 9.5m ...

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    GM, Ford doing well in China, despite slow sales at home

    While domestic sales continue to slide, the auto market in China is thriving. Both General Motors and Ford have reported double-digit sales growth for the first-half of 2008 in the world's most populace country, with GM moving 590,126 Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac vehicles for a total sales ...

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    Toyota isn't that far behind GM

    In response to our By The Numbers: July 2006 post, a few commenters noted how far behind Toyota was behind General Motors in terms of monthly sales in the U.S. Toyota sold 241,826 units while GM sold more than twice that at 410,332 units. From appearances it seemed GM's dominant seat in sales was ...


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