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    Geneva Preview: Giugiaro concept claimed to be the world's fastest hybrid

    Giorgetto Giugiaro has a series of successful concepts under his belt, including the Ferrari GG50 and his own interpretation of the Mustang. But his most recent design exercise -- the Italdesign Quaranta, shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show -- was a clear indication that he was moving beyond ...

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    What a Body! - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    Some years back I got to meet Giorgietto Giugiaro, the ultra-famous Italian car designer. "Gosh," I gushed, "you certainly are a visionary. Twenty years ago you said that the one-box design would become the dominant body style in the future. And you were right." "No, you're wrong," he corrected ...

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    Geneva 2008, a Space Oddity: Italdesign-Giugiaro Quantara

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta concept Beauty may be in the eye of the proverbial beholder and all that, but the Italdesign Quaranta wasn't quite the beauty of the Geneva ball. And while Giorgetto Giugiaro, the celebrated designer at the studio's helm, has more ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Giugiaro-Italdesign releases 3rd teaser image

    Click to view in high resolutionWhy do the Italians insist on teasing us so with their curves and sensuality? It seems like the design houses got together and decided to torture us for a few weeks leading up to this year's Geneva Motor Show. Pininfarina's been killing us slowly with the agonizing ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Giugiaro teases with new concept car

    click either image to view high-resIf you couldn't tell by all the previews for Geneva we've been posting, the upcoming Swiss-based motor show is a big one, one of the biggest of the year in the world. Italdesign Giugiaro has been building concept cars for shows like this one going on 40 years now. ...

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    Designer himself scratches Giugiaro Mustang Concept

    Some heralded the 2006 Giugiaro Mustang Concept as a portent of things to come for the Blue Oval's successful pony car. While that may be the case, we hope what happened to the car last Friday is not a bad omen for the next iteration of the Mustang. The Mustang Giugiaro Concept's designer, Fabrizio ...

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    Autoblog's Top 10 Coachbuilt Supercars

    Sometimes the past deserves to remain in the past, but once in a while the automotive industry reaches into its history to resurrect something worthwhile whose demise was regrettable and whose return is welcome. The return of coachbuilding is one example of an industry trend we're glad is making a ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Giugiaro VAD.HO

    Click image for hi-res photo galleryWell, those of us who didn't go to Geneva appear to have missed out on seeing some pretty interesting cars "in the metal." The Giugiaro VAD.HO, which we've previously reported on, is one of the better ones. It's one thing to see the car in press kit photos ...

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    Giugiaro Vadho studio shots emerge

    The Motor Trend blog gave us a heads-up that thay've scored studio photos of the Geneva-bound Giugiaro Vadho concept car that popped onto everyone's radar last week. Looking like something you'd find in a Hot Wheels blister-pack, the Vadho's powered by the same V12 used in BMW's Hydrogen 7. Shifts ...

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    Giugiaro Vadh˛ concept landing in Geneva

    click above image to view high-resolution versionGiugiaro has just released some details on the concept that it will be debuting at the Geneva Motor Show next week, the Vadhò hydrogen concept. Hot on the heels of its last concept debut, the Giugiaro Mustang, the Italian design firm has moved ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Giugiaro Mustang image gallery

    Click on the image above to view our 21 high-resolution images It's a delicate balance combining American muscle with Italian design. A handful of custom Italian coachbuilt Corvettes managed to marry the two with considerable panache in the late 50's, but most would agree that the ...

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    LA Auto Show: Live shots of the Giugiaro Mustang

    Ford's presence at the L.A. Auto Show can be summed up in one word: Giugiaro. Unfortunately, the new Escape, the product Ford will actually be selling, has been drowned out by the buzz surrounding the Giugiaro Mustang. Our man Frank Filipponio calls it a Spaghetti Western on wheels, which sounds ...

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    LA Auto Show: Giugiaro's Mustang hotness revealed!

    All images are available in hires by clicking the picIn a late night blitzkrieg, Ford dropped all the details on Giugiaro's reinterpretation of the Mustang and words seem to fail it. The world-class coachbuilder has taken the iconic coupe and transformed it into rolling automotive pornography, ...

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    Spy Shots: Fiat Bravo

    Fiat is preparing its new Bravo for debut at Geneva next spring, and photos have surfaced of a test mule tooling around Turin. Fiat hopes to take aim at the hot-selling Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus with its new Bravo hatch, developed in conjunction with Canadian components supplier Magna. ...

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    More affordable Maseratis on the way?

    According to the U.K.'s What Car?, Maserati's plan for the near future includes diversifying its model range with "more affordable" models in the $90,000 to $115,000 range.Chief executive Karl-Heinz Kalbfell suggests that new Maserati models will wait until the sports car manufacturer ...


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