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    Motorsports: Ginetta-Juno reveals LMP3 prototype design

    It's only been a couple of weeks since the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) announced the formation of a new LMP3 class, and already we have our first constructor lining up to compete. That constructor is Ginetta, the British sports and racing car manufacturer which recently acquired Juno, the ...

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    Video: Ginetta racecar hit by flying door

    Mike Simpson, you're a bad, bad man. The Ginetta factory driver was piloting his G55 GT3 around Brands Hatch in the Avon Tyres British GT race when a freaking door flew into his windshield at 140 miles per hour. How does Simpson handle the inconvenience of a shattered windshield along with the ...

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    Ginetta reveals new Farbio-based G60 in full

    Many elements typically lead up to the launch of a new car – or a new version of an existing one – and the gestation of this latest supercar has played out before our eyes over the course of the past year or so. What you're looking at is the new Ginetta G60, but if it looks familiar, ...

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    Teased: Ginetta teases upcoming GXX sportscar

    You may not recognize the name Ginetta, buried as it is in a sea of cottage-industry British niche automakers, but British racing fans know it and know it well. The company is best known for its Le Mans Prototype racers, but also makes a line of sportscars that are primarily built for racing as ...

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    Ginetta releases official renderings of new G55

    Ginetta G55 – Click above for image gallery
    The Ginetta G50 has so far been the star of the Ginetta GT Supercup, a one-make support series for the British Touring Car Championship. There's a brighter star on the way next year, though, when Ginetta introduces the G55. The new car will ...

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    Report: Ginetta acquires Farbio, GTS rebadged, U.S. certification under way

    Ginetta F400, née Fabrio GTS – Click above for image gallery
    Britain is rife with cottage-industry sportscar-makers, but two are joining forces as racing manufacturer Ginetta has reportedly acquired supercar start-up Farbio. The Farbio GTS was the brainchild of one Arash Farboud, ...

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    Nigel Mansell going for the Triple Crown at Le Mans with a little help from his sons

    The Triple Crown of Motorsport is an elusive distinction earned by only a handful of drivers in the history of motor racing. It's elusive partly because it evades definition, but given its immense difficulty, we'll take the broadest possible: To score the Triple Crown, a driver has to win either ...

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    Ginetta G40 spec racer debuts at Autosport International

    Ginetta G40 live at Autosport International – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Following an earlier preview several months ago, British racing car manufacturer Ginetta finally took the wraps off its completed G40 sportscar at the ongoing Autosport International show in Birmingham, ...

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    Report: Ginetta G50 EV stalled due to lack of funds

    Ginetta G50EV and John Surtees at the Channel Tunnel – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ginetta Cars, a small British automaker that's been building racing and road cars since 1958, would like to build an electric car. Unfortunately, it can't due to a lack of money. Ginetta had ...

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    John Surtees pilots electric Ginetta G50EV through Channel Tunnel

    Ginetta G50EV and John Surtees at the Channel Tunnel – click above for high-res gallery
    Electric cars have been around for over 100 years, and Britain's Beaujolais Burlington Run has been going on for 37. The Channel Tunnel between the UK and France (a.k.a. "The Chunnel") turns 15 this ...

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    Ginetta developing all-new G40 for the road and track

    Ginetta G40 – Click above to view in high resolution
    Race cars are usually designed one of two ways. Either a company's engineers take an existing road car and adapt it towards racing (as with most touring, GT racing and rally cars, for example) or they start with a clean sheet of paper and ...

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    Family Style: Nigel Mansell and son to race in Le Mans Series for Ginetta

    Nigel Mansell's name is still a legend in motor racing. He remains the most successful driver in British racing history and one of only a handful of drivers to win both the Formula One title and the CART championship. It's been fourteen years since he last competed in a grand prix, but he'll soon ...

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    Autosport's Car of the Year? The Ginetta G50

    Lawrence Tomlinson bought historic British car maker Ginetta in 2005, and in just three years his team has hit it over the wall with the maker's first car under his tenure: the Ginetta G50, has taken Autosport's number one slot in its Top 10 Cars of the Year.The G50's attractions are obvious: It is ...

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    Lightweight Ginetta G50 brags of 300hp Ford V6

    You might not be familiar with British car builder Ginetta, but it's been around since 1958. The latest offering is the G50, a wide, low-slung, lightweight coupe the company plans to build a cup race around. With only 800kg (1,750 pounds) to push around, the mid-mounted, 300hp, 3.5 liter Ford V6 ...


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