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    Getrag's U.S. transmission plant files for CH11 after Chrysler pull-out

    The roundabout that was the Chrysler, LLC-Getrag partnership recently came to an end with Chrysler pulling out the deal, citing untenable financing terms. Now Getrag Transmission Manufacturing, the U.S. company that was going to build the dual-clutch transmissions for Chrysler, has filed for ...

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    Chrysler sues Getrag over U.S.-built dual-clutch trannies

    Chrysler has managed to stay out of the doom and gloom news for a few weeks now, which goes to show that going private can have its benefits. But things couldn't stay quiet forever, and as if the company needed something else to deal with, it's now in row with German transmission supplier Getrag ...

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    Chrysler halts construction of dual-clutch transmission plant

    Construction of the $530 million dollar plant being built by Chrysler and Getrag in Kokomo, Indiana, has been suspended indefinitely due to a contract dispute between the two companies. Neither Chrysler nor Getrag were willing to specify the exact reason for the stoppage, the only word from ...

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    New Chrysler/Getrag DSG transmission plant to be built in Indiana

    Chrysler and Getrag are teaming up to build a transmission plant in Indiana, at a cost of around $530 million. The production center, set to open in 2009, will produce approximately 700,000 dual-clutch transmissions annually in Tipton, Indiana.The new plant will employ about 1,000 Chrysler workers, ...

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    Honda: high tech means low profits

    Michiyoshi Hagino, a Senior Managing Director at Honda Motor, sees profit margins inevitably falling as vehicles incorporate more and more advanced technologies to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. More efficient gasoline engines, clean diesels and hybrid powertrains are all driving ...

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    Bosch and Getrag team up for hybrid systems

    The Bosch Group and the Getrag Group announced Tuesday that they will partner to develop and market parallel hybrid systems to provide a near-turnkey hybrid solution to automakers.In a parallel hybrid solution, the electric motor is fitted directly into the power flow of the drivetrain. Under the ...


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