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    Report: Ecclestone says he will 'do everything' to save 'Ring

    The idea of a world without the Nürburgring seems unconscionable. Not only has it provided generations of exciting races, but it has become the measuring stick for performance credibility. While 'Ring times aren't 'official' we still pay close attention to them. Cadillac even uses those ...

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    Report: Volkswagen shuts down after-hours e-mail, allows employees to have lives again

    Add this one to the list of reasons Europeans have it better than we do, right after diesels and manual transmissions: No more "catching up on e-mail" while you should be spending time with your family. Or sleeping. Or watching Baywatch reruns. According to the BBC, Volkswagen has bowed to ...

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    Video: German Veyron owner's crazy 220-mph Autobahn blast

    Ride along in a Bugatti Veyron as it pushes to 220 mph – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Imagine, for a moment, that you own a Bugatti Veyron. Wouldn't you be curious to find out what it feels like to swing past 200 miles per hour? (Okay, stupid question.) While an abandoned ...

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    Report: BMW, Harley-Davidson among those that tapped Federal Reserve for billions during crisis

    The U.S. government's Commercial Paper Funding Facility was established towards the tail-end of 2008. The CPFF was created to offer companies short-terms loan when traditional means of establishing credit were crumbling. Lehman Brothers had collapsed and AIG was taking expensive trips while ...

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    All 500 examples of the Porsche GT2 RS have been spoken for

    2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A limited-edtion, 620 horsepower sports car is quite an enticing piece of machinery. Porsche is building just 500 examples of its 2011 911 GT2 RS and – unsurprisingly – they're all spoken for. The twin-turbocharged ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Letting Loose the Dogs of War at the 2009 German Grand Prix

    2009 German Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Every dog has his day. Let's make that the unofficial theme of this year's Formula One season. You can ask any of a variety of players in this year's championship and they'll surely attest to the old axiom's veracity. First to ...

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    BREAKING: BBC says Magna has agreed to take majority stake in Opel from GM

    According to the BBC News, supplier Magna International has come to terms with General Motors to purchase a majority stake in its European Opel division. While an agreement has been reached between the two parties, the German government – which has agreed to provide financial assistance for ...

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    BMW spending another billion in the U.S. to expand

    Heavy fluctuations in the value of the U.S. dollar versus the Euro has made building vehicles in the U.S. a very attractive proposition for European automakers. BMW is looking to expand its U.S. operations by spending over $1B to increase capacity at its South Carolina plant, add more parts ...

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    Stock Drop: Ralf to test for Mercedes DTM

    While Villeneuve and Montoya are adapting well to their new home in NASCAR, their German-speaking former colleagues might be headed to their own sedan-based racing series at home. Reports indicate that, against the advice of his older brother, Ralf Schumacher climbed into the cabin of a Mercedes ...

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    ALMS or DTM? More images of Lexus IS-F racer surface

    click above to view more high-res images of the Team Lexus IS-F No single car better demonstrates the determination of Lexus to stick it to the Germans than the IS-F. The high-performance sports sedan gives the BMW M3, Mercedes C63 AMG and Audi RS4 a real run for their deutschemarks euros. But ...

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    VIDEO: Drifting a Porsche Carrera GT in the Alps

    click above to view video Drifting a supercar takes a certain amount of fortitude in the trouser department. All the more so on narrow mountain roads. And even more so when the car you're drifting is the Porsche Carrera GT, which aside from being worth a good half-a-mill easy, is also reputed to ...

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    Toyota engineers convicted of stealing secrets from Ferrari

    var digg_url = ''; In most countries, acts like murder, treason, or plotting to overthrow the government rank among the most heinous crimes a person can commit. In Italy, stealing secrets from Ferrari ranks ...

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    Germany going after aftermarket ECU tuning

    In an effort to reduce emissions, increase drivability and/or prolong the life of the engine, most automakers spend an exhaustive amount of time balancing performance and usability on the factory engine computer. Before jumping headlong into modifications, one of the more effective ways of boosting ...

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    VIDEO: Audi S5 glamour shots

    It looks like Ingolstadt has been humming along, readying the S5 for sale. Tipster dasboost pointed us to this video of S5 eye candy. It's nice to get close up angles of some details on this hot-looking coupe. Audi typically sweats the details, especially on the inside, and the S5 looks like it ...

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    Audi launches microsite for upcoming A5

    Click to visit the A5 microsite It's buzz time for the Audi group as they gear up the the A5 preview at the Geneva show in March. Audi has pledged to do more marketing on the Internet lately and they've built themselves a micro-site to gear up all the Audi-files for their next dream vehicle. ...

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    Race in a Briefcase

    As each of us gets older and has a harder time remembering when all we wanted for Christmas were toys, it's healthy to find a way to dive back in the past and relive those simpler times. That's a tough exercise to pull off with TPS reports that need copying and a 9-5 that doesn't allow for play ...

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    Golden Steering Wheel turns out six winners

    German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has announced the six winners of its Golden Steering Wheel Award, a prize decided on by 25 select automotive experts from various countries. Seemingly the equivalent of a set of golden calipers, the Golden Steering Wheel prize is highly sought after by automakers ...

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    Bluetec diesels to be used by (almost) all German automakers

    The giants of Germany have come together and decided that the best way to develop the potential of diesel in the U.S. is total market dominance. Not with one vehicle, but with one engine.Mercedes' Bluetec diesel came out swinging at the Detroit Auto Show, only to kneed in the groin by California ...

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    Looking backward, moving forward: reviving Borgward

    The resurrection of buried car brands has become a very fashionable business these days, especially with German companies. BMW has obviously found success with the new MINI; Mercedes-Benz a little less so with the eccentric Maybach; while the VW Group brought back Bugatti like a phoenix from the ...

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    UPDATE: Grand Prix moves to the Nürburgring for '07

    When F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone announced the 2007 season calendar, Germany (like Italy) was left with one race, whereas in seasons past it hosted two: the German Grand Prix (at Hockenheim) and the European Grand Prix (at the legendary Nürburgring). After revealing that the "European" race ...


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