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    Picture of the Day: Home of the Taurus finally torn down

    Ford assembly plant in Hapeville, Georgia - Click above to enlarge
    Ford's assembly plant in Hapeville, Georgia stopped producing the last generation Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable back in late 2006. At that time, Ford had long since ceased selling the Taurus to the general public, as the last ...

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    Spy Shots: 2010 Kia Sorento

    Not due to go on sale until next year, the 2010 Kia Sorento has been spied and photographed, by an reader. While the two pics don't reveal much, the front end bears more than a striking resemblance to the Kia KND-4 concept from the 2007 Seoul Motor Show. Unlike the current Kia Sorento, ...

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    Maximum Burt: celebrating the acme of manliness at the Burt-a-thon

    var digg_url = ''; Guys, if you look a little more hairy and feel a bit more manly at 8:45 PM August 14, don't be alarmed. That's when the 2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour Burt-a-Thon begins in Atlanta, Georgia ...

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    Supreme Court rules that police can chase, even if it endangers lives

    Common sense dictates that if you run from the police, it will end badly. In our oft-litigious society, suing as a means to evade responsibility is a popular option. In 2001, 19-year-old Victor Harris engaged Coweta County deputy sheriff Timothy Scott in a dangerous chase on rain-slicked roads. To ...

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    Rampaging driver takes a ride inside GA mall

    Road rage hits the shopping mall. Augusta police have one Stephen Scott Lowe in custody following a pursuit through the Augusta Mall in Georgia. Apparently Lowe drove his SUV through some locked doors at one end of the mall, and in his best Blues Brothers impression had police pursuing him as he ...

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    Maserati follows Ferrari, opens North American school

    Remember in February when we reported Ferrari opening a driving school in Canada? Now 'sibling' Maserati (both manufacturers are owned by Fiat) is opening a school as well, but located a little bit south in the Red, White and Blue.Luxist, our own sibling, reports that the Master Maserati North ...

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    Georgia's peach of an offer to secure Kia plant draws criticism

    Korean automaker made headlines this week by announcing it had selected Georgia as the home state for its first-ever North American plant. The new facility will mean up to 2,500 jobs for the area. But as with virtually every big contract landed like this, there’s a story behind the fight to ...


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