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    Official: Kentucky-built Toyota Camry headed to South Korea

    For years Detroit automakers carped about the low value of the Japanese yen versus the U.S. dollar, but these days, the opposite is true. The yen has rocketed up in value versus the dollar, and Japan's automakers are taking significant measures to mitigate its bottom-line-killing effects. In ...

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    Report: Toyota idling two U.S. factories in wake of sales shortfall

    The recall of over eight million vehicles has Toyota in the crosshairs of the world media, and all that negative attention is predictably hurting the Japanese automaker's U.S. sales. A report from Breitbart claims that Toyota is stopping production at its Georgetown, Kentucky Camry and Avalon ...

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    Toyota has no intention of meeting with union organizers

    The union talk is stirring again at Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky plant, but management at the automaker has no intention of meeting with workers trying to unionize. A group of current and former employees at the plant called the Kentucky Workers' Rights Board have drawn up a laundry list of ...

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    UAW shacks up at Holiday Inn near Toyota's Georgetown, KY plant

    Assembly workers at Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky plant make about $25 per hour, they build the best-selling non-truck in North America, and a lot of workers still aren't happy. UAW members that are hurt on the job get paid 100% of their wage until they're well again, but at a Toyota plant, you ...

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    Toyota planning new crossover for Kentucky plant

    Toyota Motor Corp. is apparently looking into adding a new model to the assembly line at its Georgetown, Kentucky facility. That's the plant we've recently covered regarding union issues. Georgetown is currently building nothing but Camrys right now, so adding a new crossover to the mix "would help ...

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    Pair of workers get caught in middle of Toyota vs. UAW

    Two former hourly Toyota employees are denying that they leaked a potentially embarrassing memo pertaining to wages at Toyota's US plants. The document, which came from Seiichi Sudo, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc, states that wages are growing ...

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    UAW says union fever rising at Toyota's Kentucky plant

    Call it a case of "He said, he said." A Toyota spokesman says the Japanese automaker doesn't see an interest in unionizing among workers at its production facility in Kentucky, while UAW spokespeople say workers are showing more interest than ever in forming a union. So which is it? Could be a bit ...

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    Toyota ratchets down Tundra expectations; increases Camry production

    While Toyota expects to see overall growth in the US market next year, the company is cutting production estimates for its new San Antonio full-size truck plant. Originally expected to start at its full capacity of 200,000 units per year, the automaker now expects to build 150,000 Tundra pickups ...


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