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geoff day

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    Opinion: Learning to drive stick shift makes people better drivers

    Maybe, just maybe, it's safer and better for every road user if we all know how the gears that make the wheels go round ratchet up. There are an increasing number of endangered species in this turbulent world of ours, but none is rushing to extinction faster than the driver who can get from A ...

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    Opinion: Why car dealerships are turning into coffee shops

    I want my dealer to know about cars not coffee, someone who knows the difference between a Buick and a barista. Need a recommendation for the trendiest eatery around? If you are looking for the latest in gourmet treats, then look no further than your local car dealership. I live on the Upper ...

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    Opinion: Automakers need to stop stalking celebrities

    Since the invention of the automobile, cars and stars have gone together like paparazzi and the Kardashians. During this season of starlet-adorned award ceremonies, from the Golden Globes through to the Oscars, you will find a lot of car companies all vying to loan out their vehicles to any ...

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    Opinion: Never mind the naysayers; Lincoln is worth saving

    In the case of Henry Leland, naming his new car brand after the first President he cast a vote for in 1864 seemed a jolly good idea, on paper. You should always be careful about the name you choose to give your new baby. The power of association can work in many ways, not always positive. In ...


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