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geneva 2008

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    Geneva Surprise: Christian von Koenigsegg speaks about the Edition

    Click image above for high-res gallery of the CCXR EditionCovering a show like Geneva has its ups and downs for a journalist. Most of the time you are trying to follow a very tight schedule of press conferences that has you shifting 50 feet every fifteen minutes for about 12 hours a day. The upside ...

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    Geneva 2008: Twingo Renault Sport so cute you might want two or three

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Renault Twingo SportThis is another in a long line of European cars we just can't buy in the States, but that we'd give our left lug nuts to drive on a daily basis. The recently unveiled Twingo Renault Sport joins a group of euro cars that combine economy and ...

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    Geneva 2008: Mansory displays a few supercar transformations

    Click above for high-res galleryOK, we've seen some of their previous work so we probably shouldn't have expected much more this time around, but when we heard that Mansory had gotten its hands on an SLR and a Ferrari 599 GTB, we certainly hoped that it would figure out a way to enhance their ...

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    Geneva 2008: IED students design Maserati Chicane concept

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the IED Maserati Chicane concept Geneva has been good to Maserati. Last year the company unveiled the GranTurismo to thunderous applause, and followed up this year with the more powerful GranTurismo S. Meanwhile, the students of the Instituto Europeo di ...

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    Geneva 2008: Rinspeed sQuba, submergible absurdity

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Rinspeed sQuba concept.While the Geneva Motor Show provides its own brand of ridiculousness, the Rinspeed crew takes the cake in Switzerland. We've already seen the pics, the prosperously pompous video and have attempted to rationalize the Rinspeed sQuba ...

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    Geneva 2008: Bertone B.A.T. 11's clandestine debut

    Bertone's not officially exhibiting at Geneva this year, as the company is going through some upheaval, but it still made a splash in Switzerland. The B.A.T. 11, paying direct homage to the original B.A.T. concepts, was unveiled in Geneva at the AutoDesignNight event. The car was commissioned by ...

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    Geneva 2008: Chevrolet Aveo 3-Door

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevrolet Aveo Three-Door.What more can be said about the Euro-market Chevy Aveo three-door? Fortunately, not much. The new Aveo gets the reworked front fascia, complete with Anime eyes and gaping maw, while the shallow accent lines that flank the doors ...

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    Geneva 2008: Opel Meriva, a new take on the MPV

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Opel Meriva concept.We finally wound our way over to Opel's booth to check out the newest take on the compact MPV concept. The Meriva's small footprint would lend itself well to the urban confines Opel expects the majority of buyers to be based out of, and ...

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    Geneva 2008: Morgan LifeCar

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Morgan LifeCarFor a company that still makes cars out of wood, Morgan knows not only how to hang in there, but to come up with some really neat stuff. The LifeCar divides a line that reaches well into the past and well into the future. Its lines are retro ...

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    Geneva 2008: Audi Q7 V12 TDI Coastline redefines "flagship"

    Click to view the Audi Q7 V12 TDI Coastline in hi-res The Audi Q7 Coastline is not the first attempt at infusing an automobile with a nautical theme, but it very well might be the most exquisite execution we've seen to date. Forget about automotive mishaps like the Mercury Villager Nautica edition ...

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    Geneva 2008: Koenigsegg unleashes the Edition

    Click for more carbon fiberrific images of the Koenigsegg Edtion CCXR.We were all set to go shoot the Koenigsegg CCX and CCXR Edition cars in their exotic black and red kit, but what we found instead was this carbon fiber goddess. There's nothing quite like a raw carbon fiber finish to make the ...

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    Geneva 2008: Fiat 500 Abarth punches above its weight

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the Fiat 500 Abarth Nestled between designer-edition Bugattis, drop-dead drop-top Alfas and suped-up Maseratis, it'd have been all too easy to miss something as small as the new 500 Abarth. But that would've been a big mistake, because the ...

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    Geneva 2008: Land Rover LRX is back... in black

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the Land Rover LRX concept Segments keep blending and niches keep growing. We don't complain, though, when the results are as stunning as the LRX concept. Land Rover brought a second version of the show car to Geneva in a sharp new black-and-silver paintjob ...

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    Geneva 2008: Lotus adds Europa SE for 2008

    Click above for a gallery of the Lotus Europa SE.As we reported earlier, Lotus has a new range of Europas for 2008, at least in their eponymous market. Still not coming to the States as far as we've heard, but with the "Eagle" already soaring, we think we can wait. Not that the Europa is a bad car, ...

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    Geneva 2008: Volvo XC60 softroads in style

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Volvo XC60.Volvo's entrance into the ever-expanding crossover segment was finally revealed here in Geneva when the wraps were pulled off the new XC60. The swoopy, Swedish cute 'ute will make its way Stateside later this year powered by the turbocharged T6, ...

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    Geneva 2008: Newest Lotus Exige 270E will run on anything

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-FuelWe posted about this latest Exige a couple of days ago and just saw it in Geneva. Not a lot different on the outside really besides the paint scheme that helps us remember that this is in fact a Tri-Fuel capable Exige 270E. Even the ...

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    Geneva 2008: Ford's European cabrio comes into Focus

    Click above to view the Ford Focus CC in high resolution Ford took the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show to display the latest variant of the European Focus that we wish we could get in the good ol' US of A, the Pininfarina-built Focus Coupe-Cabriolet. As we reported one month ago in the wind-up ...

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    Geneva 2008: Mitsubishi Prototype-S

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Prototype-S.Mitsubishi is serious about extending its range of Lancer products to fill every niche between the base ES model and the range-topping Evolution X MR. The introduction of the Lancer Ralliart was one way of plugging the gaping hole ...

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    BREAKING: 2009 Infiniti FX makes after hours debut in Geneva

    Click above image for a high-res gallery of the unveiling of the 2009 FX from GenevaLast week we showed you a teaser shot of the headlight of the all-new 2009 Infiniti FX. Tonight in Geneva we saw the whole thing. Carlos Ghosn himself introduced the new FX at a club-like venue just down the road ...

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    Geneva 2008: Bentley's future involves drawing straw

    The big news from Bentley in Geneva wasn't really about today -- but stay tuned for 2012. Bentley plans to have its wheel-to-well measure of CO2 emissions down to less than 120g/km, from 400 g/km now. How? By lightening the cars, by engineering better transmissions, and through powerplants able to ...


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