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    GeigerCars turns tuning efforts to... Chevy Tahoe Hybrid?

    Geiger Cars LPG Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're used to seeing Geiger Cars tackle wild horsepower-riddled projects, but the tuner's latest effort involves none other than the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. No, the company hasn't managed to bleed 1,000 ...

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    GeigerCars blows the Corvette Grand Sport into ZR1 territory

    GeigerCars Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport – Click above for high-res image gallery
    European buyers looking to get their hands on a Corvette ZR1 may find them in short supply. Fortunately, GeigerCars is there to save the day with the next best thing. The German tuner of American iron has ...

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    GeigerCars Hummer H2 Bomber is ready for that it's spring

    GeigerCars Hummer H2 Bomber - Click above for high-res image gallery
    GiegerCars has a love affair with American cars, and a particularly strange affection for Hummers. The German tuner has created all sorts of strange variants like a Christmas-themed H2, a 700-horsepower H2 built for a Texas ...

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    Geiger Cars takes on the 2010 Shelby GT500 with impressive results

    2010 Geiger Cars Shelby GT500 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We don't know why Karl Geiger is fascinated with American performance cars, but we're sure glad he is. The 2010 Shelby GT500 is the latest muscle car to go under the German tuner's knife, and the results are nothing less ...

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    Geiger continues excessive use of bright paint, boost with 790-horsepower Ford GT

    Geiger Ford GT HP790 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Geiger, the German tuner with a fascination with American performance cars, generally produces modified vehicles in not-so-subtle and "look at me!" variations. This Ford GT encompasses both varietys, with plenty of performance ...

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    Geiger GTS: Crazy Germans modify Corvette ZR1

    2009 Geiger GTS - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Geiger is back, and this time it's the vaunted Corvette ZR1 that gets the tuner touch. Dubbed the "Geiger GTS," this über ZR1 doesn't offer ridiculous power gains over its stock bruder, just some careful tweaks that net an additional ...

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    Whompin' Stick: Geiger churns out 568-hp, 195-mph Chevrolet Camaro SS Kompressor

    Geiger Camaro SS Kompressor – Click above for high-res image gallery
    German-American automotive collaborations can go well, or they can go wrong. On the one hand you've got the Chrysler Crossfire, while on the opposite side stands, the German tuning house devoted to modifying ...

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    Geiger gives Chevrolet Corvette Z06 the twin-turbo treatment

    Geiger Cars Twin-Turbo Corvette Z06 - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Leave it up to Geiger Cars to build a lime green, 890-horsepower Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The force behind flamboyant creations like the Gulf-Wing Hummer and the Santa-style H2 have turned their attention to American muscle ...

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    Apocalypse Preparation: Geiger Ford F650

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Geiger Ford F650.When the fit hits the shan, we've got two phone calls to make: our Cayman Islands-based banker and Geiger cars. For 99,000 euro we can protect our loved ones while punching through some of the most wicked terrain this side of Dakar in the ...

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    Geiger Cars builds Black Edition Z06

    Click above for high-res gallery of Black Edition Z06 German tuner Geiger Cars is partial to modifying American cars, so it was an obvious choice to use the Corvette Z06 as a base for its latest special edition car. Dubbed the Corvette Z06 Black Edition, Geiger adds a unique body kit with a ...

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    GeigerCars muscles up with HUMMER H3 GT

    Germany's GeigerCars has an affinity for American metal, and is unafraid to go to wacky extremes in its efforts to create its customized whips. Often, HUMMER provides the canvas for these tuners with dubs on their brains, and the arrival of the V8-powered H3 Alpha has inspired them to whip up a new ...

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    Ford GT gets the Geiger-treatment, 0-60 drops to 3.5s

    Click the image above for over 20 more pics.Germany's GeigerCars is responsible for some ungainly creations, normally turning up the wick on vehicles that have no business being fast in the first place. But when the firm directs its resources towards exotic American muscle, it's the automotive ...

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    GeigerCars builds gaudy "STAR FORCE" Escalade for Oscar night

    Click image for photo gallery.We generally like what the folks at GeigerCars come up with. The German tuner/accessorizer loves American metal, and is known for creating whimsical rides like its Gulf-liveried HUMMER GT, 700-horsepower police-trim H2 and a Christmas-themed HUMMER complete with ...

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    HoliHUMMER! GeigerCars' Santa-style H2

    Click to enlargeWe know God loves us. How else can one explain the existence of GeigerCars? Whether it's a 700-horsepower police H2, an audacious Gulf-liveried HUMMER GT, or any number of the various customer cars the company has prepared, no one knows how to hook up a HUMMER like Geiger. Modders ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: "Gulf-wing" HUMMER GT by GeigerCars

    Obscene, you have a new ride: the HUMMER GT. German tuning house GmbH has managed to take the most outlandish and vulgar vehicle on the market and make it even more so with a host of visual and performance enhancements that altogether manage to scream "look at me" louder than a ...

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    GeigerCars builds Mustang GT520

    UPDATE: high resolution image gallery added after jumpclick on image to is beginning to put some tuners in the U.S. to shame with its highly modified versions of American muscle. While working on its supercharger kit for the Mustang GT, it decided to go one (or 20) steps ...

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    Europeans like HUMMERs too

    It's official. Everyone loves a HUMMER. What else are we supposed to think when we get word of a big HUMMER rally in -- get ready -- Munich! You know Munich, that would be in Germany, which is in Europe, where we're repeatedly told no one wants a big, ugly gas-guzzling Suburban Assault Vehicle like ...

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    Texas law enforcement issued 700 HP Hummer

    As if we needed another reason not to wind up on the wrong side of the law in Texas, this 700-horsepower Hummer H2 with 28-inch rims clinches it. An unnamed Texas sheriff commissioned GeigerCars based in Europe to build the black-and-white beast. It's powered by a 7.0L supercharged V8 making the ...


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