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    Report: UAW's King urges nationwide protests, going arm-in-arm with Occupy movement

    The modern union movement was kick-started 75 years ago at a General Motors factory in Flint, MI. The workers staged a sit-down protest that eventually led to the formation of the first auto union contract. The United Auto Workers and President Bob King (middle) are looking to celebrate that big ...

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    Opinion: Obama should have tapped Ford's Mulally for adviser role, not Immelt

    When President Obama tapped General Electric chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt to be his top outside economic adviser, my first reaction was: Really? Maybe I'm partial to the auto industry, the industry I follow the closest, but my next reaction was: Was Ford CEO Alan Mulally's line busy? His ...

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    Officially Official: General Electric ordering 25,000 electric vehicles, starting with 12,000 Volts

    2011 Chevy Volt – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We recently mentioned that General Electric was about to order thousands of electric vehicles for its corporate fleet and now, it seems, the buying binge has begun. The company announced today it will be ordering 15,000 electric ...

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    Geely set to reveal modified Rolls-Royce aping limousine in Beijing

    Geely GE Limousine – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Never underestimate the power of a nose job. After getting in hot water with Rolls-Royce for the design of its GE limousine, Geely Automobile has reworked the majority of the car into what you see above. The Chinese automaker ...

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    Santa gets new super sleigh thanks to GE

    Santa's high tech sleigh by GE -- Click above to check out the specs
    General Motors gave Santa a sleigh with OnStar and a reindeer monitor. General Electric must have seen that video and said, "Hold on a second," because they created a sleigh for the big red man with icephobic coatings, ...

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    That's Rich: Geely reportedly denies copying Rolls-Royce

    Geely GE – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With gloved white fingers pointing in their direction, Geely Automobile is in full denial of British accusations. The independent Chinese automaker, which rolled out its luxurious GE model bearing more than slight resemblance to the ...

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    Shanghai 2009: Geely GE goes for baroque. Again.

    Geely Excellence Limousine - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Asian consumers loves them some baroque styling. How else to explain the popularity of gaudy, over-the-top couture in the continent's major city centers? Indeed, how else to explain the existence of cars like the Mitsuoka Galue ...

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    Fantastic plastic sparks freaky future designs

    Here at Autoblog we are flat-out fascinated by concept cars, the wilder the better. The design shown above is one of the award winners in the Royal College of Art's recent "PLASTicon" project, sponsored by GE Plastics (the creators of lexan and other wonder materials).As you might expect, the ...


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