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    GAZ Siber to switch from Chrysler Sebring to MB E-Class?!

    Russian automotive manufacturer GAZ is being courted by a number of handsome suitors, according to Inside Line. While the company currently produces the Volga Siber at its Gorky Automobile plant, there's some indication that Daimler may want the facility to switch to building the Mercedes-Benz ...

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    Immaculate Volga's Cold War style elicits warm smiles

    1976 Volga GAZ-24 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Sometimes, it's the unlikely stuff that gets the best reactions. At a show where the supercar circle boasted the likes of a Schuppan 962CR and James Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5, across the field, car of decidedly more modest origin was ...

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    GM issues a 'No-Decision' on fate of Opel, German government not happy

    General Motors was meant to decide who would be the winning bidder for Opel last Friday. But it didn't. Instead, GM asked the German government for more information on federal financial assistance available to buyers. The German government would like Magna to take over Opel as it vowed to retain ...

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    Beijing Automotive bids for Opel; Magna still expected to close deal

    Even though Beijing Automotive (BAIC) tendered a non-binding offer for Opel, the company is said to have no chance of actually acquiring the brand. General Motors is still in talks with Magna and its partners, GAZ and Sberbank, and according to Sberbank CEO German Graf, "The choice has been made ...

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    Marchionne confirms Fiat still interested in Opel

    Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, watching the travails of GM, Opel and Magna from his comfy Italian perch, has sent word that his previous offer for Opel is still on the table if anyone is interested. That offer, though, can't be sweetened because he doesn't "believe we could improve Fiat's offer. It's ...

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    GM worried about Magna deal for Opel, sign backup deal with RHJ, Beijing Automotive

    When it came to buying Opel, Fiat's Sergio Marchionne told GM and the German government: "If you have a better offer, take it." They both took Magna, along with its Russian partners Sberbank and GAZ, because that consortium offered a better competitive arrangement and fewer job cuts in Germany. The ...

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    REPORT: Ex-GM VP Bo Andersson to run Russia's GAZ

    Bo Andersson was General Motors' global purchasing group vice president up until last Friday, when he suddenly resigned without warning. Now, we appear to know why he left – Automotive News is reporting that Andersson will become CEO of GAZ, the Russian consumer and military vehicle maker. As ...

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    Opel stake could give Russian automaker an injection of "know-how"

    If you tried telling us even as recently as a year ago that General Motors would be forced to sell its European assets and that a partnership between a Canadian parts supplier and a Russian bank would step up to take the stake, we'd have probably raised a few eyebrows. But such is the state of the ...

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    REPORT: GAZ confirms interest in Opel

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself has said that at the behest of Magna, Russia's GAZ conglomerate is considering taking a 30% interest in Opel. GAZ, though, has made it clear that it does not want to run or own Opel – what it really seems to want is to have cars to produce at its ...

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    Documents reveal Chrysler tried to sell parts to Chinese, tie-up with almost every automaker

    According to an affidavit filed in the New York U.S. Bankruptcy Court where Chrysler filed for Chapter 11, the automaker's Co-President and Vice Chairman Tom LaSorda is quoted as saying "Chrysler has attempted in recent weeks to sell product lines and other units to a number of Chinese companies, ...

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    Russia expected to be third largest global market by 2012

    Russia has long been included under the "emerging markets" umbrella that carmakers have been saying would lead to future industry growth. The economic fallout put an end to those predictions, with Russia suffering just as badly – and if you include the oil sector, some would say even worse ...

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    It's not a Sebring. Volga begins production of Siber sedan

    Click above for more shots of the Volga SiberFeaturing a slightly revised front and rear fascia on a previous-generation Chrysler Sebring chassis, GAZ has resuscitated the Volga brand name with the Siber sedan. In the words of Sergey Zanozin, Chairman of the GAZ Group, "The GAZ Group has started to ...

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    From Russia, With Love: Owner of GAZ buys 5% of GM

    Okay, so maybe GAZ wasn't really interested in buying Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford, but that hasn't stopped Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska from buying a big chunk of another U.S. automaker. Deripaska is the owner of GAZ and he just bought 5% of General Motors on the open market. Said to be ...

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    No surprise: GAZ has no interest in buying Jaguar/Land Rover

    Contrary to the reports that surfaced yesterday asserting that Russian automaker GAZ was interested in purchasing Land Rover and Jaguar, a spokesman for the company has officially denied the rumors. Reuters quoted Oleg Deripaska, the billionaire behind Russian Machines, the umbrella corporation ...

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    Russia GAZ may be interested in Land Rover/Jaguar

    Could Land Rover and Jaguar be headed to Russia? CNN Money is reporting that Group GAZ is showing some interest in purchasing the firms from Ford. Ford has said that it will entertain offers for the two British marques and although several names have been mentioned, this was the first we heard of ...

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    From Russia with Love: GAZ Tiger-2 debuts at Moscow Motor Show

    Gregory from tipped us off that Russian automaker GAZ unveiled a preproduction version of its Tiger-2 SUV at the Moscow Motor Show recently. The Tiger-2 looks very HUMMER-esque in profile, but has a face only a Russian drunk on vodka could love. And, are those... plastic wheel covers? ...

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    UPDATE: Russian automaker GAZ says no to Jaguar

    Days after reports that Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) owner Oleg Deripaska was interested in purchasing the brand from Ford Motor Co., a spokesperson for the maker of the Volga announced that the automaker is not interested after all. GAZ, she states, is only interested in commercial vehicles and ...

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    Vintage American iron thriving in Cuba

    At least one of Autoblog's staffers is a sucker for the monthly 'Discovered' and 'Lost & Found' features British rags Thoroughbred & Classic Cars and Classic and Sports Car. Great 'barn finds' make our hairs stand up on end and constantly have us peering into farmyards whenever we drive ...

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    Volga Sebring? Gazelle Stratus? Russian automaker buys DaimlerChrysler tooling

    DaimlerChrysler announced today that it is selling the tooling for its defunct Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus models to Gorky Automotive Works (GAZ) in Russia.The tooling is being liberated by the renovation of DaimlerChrysler's Sterling Heights, Michigan plant, which is being prepared to build ...

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    Volga lives! GAZ reverses plan to ice Cold War cars

    Russian automaker GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant) has abandoned plans to euthanize its production of Volga cars, announcing plans to refurbish them as 'historical products.' The firm hopes to bring DaimlerChrysler into the mix by buying its diesel engines, and is considering joint-venture tie-ups ...


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