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    Report: Maybach could become Mercedes-Benz sub-brand

    When you're arriving in a twin-turbocharged, twelve-cylinder Maybach limo, there's no reason you should ever have to be late. Except, maybe, to make a fashionable entrance. But up at the corporate level, the entire Maybach brand is being slowed down as critical decisions about its future are ...

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    Report: Aston Martin cutting Rapide production amidst slow sales

    If you read the reports of Aston Martin shifting production of its Rapide from its Magna Steyr contract facility in Austria to its own plant in England, and wondered how the company could absorb another assembly line, we could have our answer right here. According to reports, Aston is preparing ...

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    Aston Martin shifting Rapide production from Magna Steyr to Gaydon

    Aston Martin may make more than sports cars these days, but sports cars are all that are built at its own facility. The Cygnet city car is built by Toyota (though trimmed out by Aston's own) and the Rapide is built by Magna Steyr on a dedicated assembly line. But that last bit is about to change ...

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    Ex-Tesla/Harley-Davidson exec Michael van der Sande resurfaces at Aston Martin

    It didn't take Michael van der Sande long to land a new gig after leaving his last posting at Tesla Motors. In August, van der Sande left Tesla after only nine months as senior vice-president of sales and marketing for the electric car maker. The sales executive who spent 12 years at ...

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    BREAKING: Aston Martin shoehorns V12 into Vantage RS

    UPDATE: New high-res gallery of images added var digg_url = ''; Good keeps getting better over at Aston Martin, who never seem to tire of making their sports cars faster and faster. The latest in the speed wars from ...

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    Aston Martin building new design center

    Aston Martins rank highly among the most beautiful cars on the road. Granted, they all look pretty much the same – evolutions on a common theme that has ranged from the DB7 through to the upcoming production Rapide four-door – but each one is a study in elegance and ...

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    Ford tells bidders Aston will earn $109 million

    In the week of the release of the most recent James Bond movie Casino Royale, there are reports that Ford sent information to potential buyers regarding the well being of Aston Martin. It stated that Aston is on track to sell 7,000 cars this year and will generate sales of £479m (US $912m) ...


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