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    Ford considering amending employment policy's sexual orientation clauses

    Ford’s shareholders are to reportedly consider changing the company’s equal employment policy language to exclude any mention of sexual orientation. The move is expected after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the automaker’s bid to keep the matter from ...

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    Is BMW hypocritical for marketing to gay clientele without extending worker benefits to the same?

    Can BMW eat its cake and have it too? That's the question Joe LaMuraglia is asking about the German automaker. The editor of questions how it is that the Bimmer-builders fail to offer same-sex benefits to employees, yet buys ads in gay-oriented publications such as OUT ...

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    19 groups to renew boycott against Ford over gay marketing efforts

    We knew it couldn’t last. On Monday, nineteen conservative groups renewed plans for a boycott of the Ford Motor Company on the grounds that the automaker reneged on a purported accord to cease supporting gay organizations.   Led by the American Family Association (AFA), the ...

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    Ten cars for Brokeback boys n' gals in '06
    1141430400's Gay Life Guide Ramon Johnson compiled what he considers the ten gayest cars in 2006. Johnson himself prefaces the list by saying it's based on a combination of humor, style and sophistication.With the Chevrolet Impala as the ‘Most Likely Low Down Cruiser', the Kia Sorento as 'Best ...


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