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    Exclusive: Red-light camera use declines as speed cameras continue to rise [w/video]
    Two Traffic-Camera Trends On Divergent Paths 1413221340

    Over the past three years, the number of speed camera programs has grown from 115 to 140. Early in his tenure, Gov. Chris Christie saw red-light cameras as a way to augment traditional traffic enforcement and keep motorists safe on New Jersey roads. Lately, he's seen the automated traffic ...

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    Report: IIHS survey says D.C. residents like speed and red-light cameras

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a study this week that seems to go against what critics and the media have been reporting for years. According to the report, some people – more specifically, a large majority of the residents in Washington D.C. – actually ...

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    Report: Ohio judge calls speed cameras a "scam," earns spot on our Christmas card list

    There's only one thing better than fighting the man, and that's watching the man fight himself. A Hamilton County, Ohio judge has ruled against an ordinance that allowed the village of Elmwood Place to install speed cameras. The town of just 2,000 people has already seen the cameras generate some ...

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    Report: Florida to redesign license plates because traffic cameras have hard time reading them?

    A lot of companies are making (or at least trying to make) money these days selling devices that improve drivers' odds of beating traffic cameras. As it turns out, though, having a Florida license plate on the back of your car could be the best defense against paying traffic fines like red light ...

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    Report: In D.C. suburb, even the speed cameras have cameras

    Say this about the residents of Prince George's County, Maryland: they really don't like speed cameras. According to the Washington Post, disgruntled citizens have shot at a camera with a gun, set one on fire and even, allegedly, fired glass marbles in a speed camera's direction. The solution? ...

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    Video: Santa Fe man unloads five rounds into speed enforcement vehicle

    What you see above is a video of a Santa Fe man who's had it up to here and is not going to take it anymore. The New Mexico city has a deal with Redflex to operate unmanned speed enforcement vehicles which are parked along the road to photograph breakneck miscreants. On the morning of April 11 ...

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    Video: Cordon multi-target speed camera is terrifying

    We're not big fans of speed cameras. The tickets are expensive, there is no facing the accuser, there are questions of accuracy, and in some cases, these cameras don't even appear to be helping out the governments that install them financially. And don't even get us started about many cases in ...

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    Video: Europeans find humor in loathable roadside flashers

    Roadside flashers – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Ever wonder what would happen if Robbie the Robot had an addled tryst with a photo-radar box? Neither have we. Some possibly addled Europeans, though, have inadvertently created that union's possible love child with their ...

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    British insurer says speed cameras are killing the points rating system

    Britain's installation of more speed cameras and the swap to digital means they'll catch even more speeders. That's good for the treasury. According to British insurer Swinton, it isn't good for the points system that insurance companies use to set premiums -- there are too many people getting more ...

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    No more running out of film, English speed cameras go digital

    The Gatso speed camera has been the bane of British drivers for the past couple of decades, but they at least had the hope that when they saw the flash the camera might be out of film. For those of you in the crowd who might not be old enough to drink legally," film" is this silver coated plastic ...

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    Busted: UK Police cruisers caught speeding get tickets

    No one outruns the law in Britain. At least, not ten percent of the speeding police in Avon and Somerset. The BBC, in a fit of governmental accountability, discovered that speeding officers set off Gatso cameras in those two counties 640 times last year. The great majority of those officers were ...

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    UK insurer offering policy geared toward speed camera reality

    UK car enthusiasts' struggle with the kudzu-like spread of speed cameras has been well documented, but to those outside of England, the scale and scope of the issue is hard to get one's head around without experiencing it firsthand. That said, perhaps news that an auto insurer has just authored a ...

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    Scotland puts speed camera movement on two wheels

    Scotland's motorists had better keep their eyes peeled for a certain 'brightly marked' Honda 650 Deauville motorcycle. Those passing through Edinburgh at extralegal speeds had better beware, because local authorities have just outfitted a speed camera to the aforementioned motorbike, and it works ...

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    Charlotte NC speed cameras could unwittingly cost city $4.6 million

    Authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina have switched off their red light and speed camera units. The move stems from a May 16 decision by the NC state appeals court directing some 90 percent of proceeds to state schools, not to the city or the company that operates the cameras.Peek Traffic Inc., ...

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    UK policeman doing 91 mph in a 30 mph zone, crashes upon seeing speed camera

    A British police officer is licking his wounds after balling up his Ford Galaxy patrol car. That fact alone wouldn't be terribly noteworthy, except for the spectacular manner in which he crashed. As the story goes, PC Scott Warburton was doing 91 mph in a 30 mph zone in Lancaster when he ...

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    UK residents set up fake camera signs to slow drivers

    In a modern twist on the old 'motorcycle cop silhouette behind billboard/tree/bush' gag, residents of Haughton, Staffordshire, U.K., have put up fake signs indicating speed cameras. 20 such signs have been placed on the A518, which runs through the center of Haugton.The Staffordshire ...

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    Legality of GPS-based speed camera detectors in UK reaffirmed

    The somewhat muddy legal status of GPS-based speed camera detectors used by British drivers has been cleared up-- they are perfectly licit. The black boxes employed by enthusiasts have been a nifty technological end-around rumored UK legislation that threatens to ban radar detectors. The units, ...


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