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    REPORT: Half of California gas stations could face closure for failing to install costly new nozzles

    According to the Los Angeles Daily News, California gas station operators have known since 2000 that they would have to install new nozzles on their gas pumps by tomorrow's deadline. And yet at least 2,000 of the 3,900 stations in the Southern California region and 60 percent of stations statewide ...

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    Flying rat poop leads to collapse of gas station canopy

    Pigeons -- flying rats, rock doves, what have you -- are probably not on anyone's favorite list of fowl, but lately they've been bringing the house down. Well, not houses exactly, but bridges and awnings if you believe the news. Last year it was reported pigeon poop helped cause the bridge collapse ...

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    Man gets caught with custom-built gas-stealing truck

    With gas prices exceeding $4 per gallon, it's no surprise that fuel stealing is on the rise. What's amazing is the lengths to which thieves are willing to go to swindle the pricey commodity in larger-than-normal quantities. An Orlando man was recently arrested for having a hidden, professionally ...

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    2009 HUMMER H2 and H2 SUT will be E85 compatible

    In Dallas, a businessman has spent half a million dollars to install nine pumps that dispense E85, E10, and biodiesel. The catch: the businessman is a HUMMER dealer, and the pumps are next to his dealership. The station is called Classic Clean Fuels, and it is intended to make a statement for next ...

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    VIDEO: Felipe Massa shills for Shell, makes us chuckle

    Shell's PR people appear to have a handle on how best to exploit the company's relationship with Scuderia Ferrari. Whether it's the spine-tingling spot that depicts historic Ferrari grand prix cars running on the streets in famous locales, or the very amusing "What will Schumi do next?" series ...

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    Union 76's balls removed, museums get to hold them

    Not too long ago, the 8-foot tall orange Union 76 globes towering over gas stations could be found almost as easily as a Starbucks can today. But as those stations were renovated or as new ones were built, the glowing balls were taken down and newly built outlets got more conventional (i.e. ...

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    Mimicking a similar project in the UK, a US-based organization has launched to help drivers save some cash on gas. The idea is seemingly simple: get a bunch of people together and give them a gas discount card, promise a popular, nationwide gas station chain that the group of people ...

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    GM's newest incentive - $1.99/gallon gasoline in Florida and California

    General Motors promised that it would develop some innovative sales promotions this summer, and we have to say that it delivers with a newly-announced offer for Florida and California residents who buy selected SUVs and midsize sedans. Buyers will be issued a pre-paid credit card, which ...


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