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    Nardelli: New fuel efficient model might be out next year

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Dodge Hornet conceptBesides the introduction of the Dodge Challenger, there has been very little good news coming out of Chrysler lately. Sales are down 22% for the year due to a lineup that's still heavy on trucks and SUVs, but there may be some help on the ...

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    Is it over yet? Oil prices drop like a rock

    There's been a lot of head-scratching about the exact cause of the meteoric rise in price for a barrel of oil. Are speculators driving it to turn a quick buck? Is it the weakening value of the U.S. dollar? How about increaded worldwide demand? Chances are, all those forces are playing a part in the ...

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    MyGallons lets you lock in fuel prices

    UPDATE: The Better Business Bureau apparently has some issues with MyGallons. This post was written several days ago and we were not aware of the dustups at that time. You can pre-pay for cellphone minutes, here in New England it's popular to lock in your heating oil price for the winter, and now ...

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    Toyota: The solution to high gas prices? Drive less!

    Automakers understand that the buying public is struggling with high gas prices, and the entire industry is working on new technologies to ease our financial burden. Unfortunately, new fuel efficient products are going to take a while to develop on a large scale, so for now we're just going to have ...

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    German man burns BMW in protest of high gas prices

    If you think that gas prices are high in the U.S., consider that the average price for a gallon of gas in Germany is $9.40. Yikes. Since the record high prices in the States are causing some people to change their lifestyles, imagine how Europeans feel. Bet they're pretty upset, right? One man was ...

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    Damn $4 Gas! Ford kills Boss engine for F-150, Mustang

    The tremendous pressure on the auto industry is rapidly unraveling even the most carefully laid out plans. Fuel economy is king right now, and trucks and SUVs have gone from cash cows to the 6,000-pound albatross around the necks of automakers. Ford has been giving us a steady flow of news ...

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    Hedging its bets - HUMMER dealer anticipates doom, pre-emptively downsizes

    There's no official obituary for GM's HUMMER brand yet, but haters are lacing up their dancing shoes while lovers wring their hands. Dealers with HUMMER franchises have a lot of skin in the game, so the uncertain future is bound to give business officers ulcers. Not willing to wait around to the ...

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    Maybe you should think in gallons-per-mile instead of MPG

    U.S. university boffins have hypothesized that you'll get a better idea of how much you spend on gas if you start thinking in gallons per mile. With U.S. gas prices headed for the upper atmosphere, people are paying more attention to fuel efficiency numbers. Europeans already express their fuel ...

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    Sales of premium fuel fall sharply

    The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the national average for premium gas is now $4.48 a gallon, some 40 cents more than regular, and that drivers are just refusing to buy it.Truth be told, most people who've been buying premium probably don't need it at all, but even among those whose engines ...

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    Looking for cheap gas? Head to Mexico, amigo!

    In San Diego, drivers are paying an average of $4.61 a gallon for the cheap stuff. And like the rest of the country, most of them aren't too happy about it. But a 17-mile drive south will save them more than a $2 per gallon. Gas war? Some radio station's wacky promotional stunt? No, Mexican ...

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    G8 nations ask for more oil, pledge to use less

    It's a complex issue, this business of oil. With stock markets and unemployment numbers taking their lumps, civilian unrest at oil and food prices, and politicians weighing in with all manner of cures and pronouncements, the Group of Eight nations got together to try and figure something out. The ...

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    Toyota may build more Camrys at truck plant

    Automotive times are a-changin, as fuel-efficient cars are now outselling trucks by a wide margin. Toyota's flexible manufacturing capabilities allow it to adjust to these crazy times, and the Japanese automaker is discussing a plan to build still more Camrys at its Indiana truck plant. The ...

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    Offset high gas prices by turning your car into billboard

    Gas prices suck and the job market is almost as bad, but a little uglification of your car or truck can net you some big bucks. Alternative marketing companies that want to plaster your car with "tasteful" advertisements are paying hundreds of dollars to the right people, but chances are you aren't ...

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    Hurricane season may bring $6-a-gallon gas

    Don't like the weather? Just wait, it'll change. Don't like gas prices? Just wait, they'll change, too. But if the weather brings a hurricane, some experts say gas prices could hit as high as $6 a gallon.NOAA has predicted as many as nine named storms this season, with five of those possibly ...

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    Price of gas capped at $4/gallon for pumps that can't help it

    Machines are only as smart as their creators, which doesn't say much about gas pump manufacturers in the mid-1990s. A report from Washington reveals that at least 12 gas stations in the state are using pumps not 13 years old that are unable to display and calculate a price of gas higher than $3.99 ...

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    How to keep your land barge and still drive green(ish)

    These days it seems more common to overhear comments about a particular car's appalling fuel economy than idle chatter about the weather, which makes sense when a gallon of gas costs as much as a cheap umbrella. For instance, just the other day there was some guy going on about how his car was ...

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    Trucker's Association wants a 65-mph national speed limit... for everyone?

    The trucking industry spend $113 billion on diesel fuel last year, and the way prices are going up, the industry will shell out $135 billion this year. To help restrain that kind of runaway profit-loss, the American Trucking Associations has released a list of ideas on how the federal government ...

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    Cheap cars in India = expensive gas in the States

    click above to view more images of the Tata NanoA report at CNN kinda states the obvious, that if the $2,500 Tata Nano proves as popular in India as most people think it will be, there will be a huge increase in demand for gasoline there. And if worldwide demand for oil goes up, the price of ...

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    When the Oil Bubble Breaks - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    John McElroy is host of the TV program "Autoline Detroit". Every week he brings his unique insights as an auto industry insider to Autoblog readers. In 1995, way back in the days of print, I was doing research for the 100th anniversary of a magazine called Automotive Industries. It actually ...

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    Gas station attendant mistakenly sets pump price at $0.33/gal

    var digg_url = ''; An attendant at a Minocqua, WI Shell station made a small data entry error when setting the pump price before closing time, and it clearly had an adverse affect on the day's receipts. The worker meant to drop the ...


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