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gas theft

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    Video: Suspected AZ thief catches fire while siphoning gas, crashes truck into garage

    Stealing gas is a bad idea. Using a homemade electrically-powered device to steal gas from other people's cars is a very bad idea. Mesa, Arizona police say Herbert C. Ridge was doing just that when his spark of innovation actually sparked and ignited the fuel being siphoned. According to ...

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    Report: 2,100 gallons of gas stolen from Indiana BP station... all at once

    To steal 2,100 gallons of gasoline, you'll need a really big tank and story that's at least somewhat believable. Someone in Hammond, Indiana apparently had both. A clerk at a Hammond BP station says a tanker driver's story about checking the station's tank levels sounded legit, especially ...

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    Video: New pump technology prevents gas theft, lets you pay after pumping [w/poll]

    Depending on where you live and what gas stations you frequent, finding a pump that will let you pay after filling up is getting tougher and tougher. In an effort to curb absconders who drive off without paying, gas station owners have been forced to ratchet up security measures, leading most to ...

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    REPORT: Thieves make off with $2 million worth of oil and gas in Texas

    How many barrels of oil do you think you could steal in a month, y'know, if you were into that sort of thing? Ten people in West Texas have been arrested recently for stealing about $2 million worth of oil and gas condensate, and a local sheriff said that the thieves were able to steal 8,000 ...

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    Thieves steal gas from U-Haul, refill with water

    We've seen our fair share of gasoline thefts as of late, and it seems that more are to be expected as the price for a gallon of gas continues its upwards trajectory. The latest scam affects moving companies such as U-Haul, which is now reporting that some renters of its trucks are using up the fuel ...


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