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    Video: World's most over-the-top garage cost $6 million, has a hydraulic elevator

    There's nothing at all wrong with spending a large sum of money on a nice garage. After all, you need a good, safe place to keep your two- and four-wheeled belongings, right? And, assuming you've got the disposable income and lots of toys, we suppose even a multi-million-dollar garage is within ...

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    Maserati, Architectural Digest celebrate best real and concept garages

    Maserati garage design winners -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Maserati makes beautiful cars. In a contest they held with Architectural Digest, the home of the trident went looking for the best homes for those cars -- not the actual houses, but the garages that house their creations. ...

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    Citroen builds designer garage to house your C6

    Unless your filthy rich and have built an Ultimate Garage, then it's likely the place you park yourt car is a vinyl-sided box with all the style and grace of a dog house. Since Citroen believes its new executive model, the C6, is better than man's best friend, it enlisted architectural firm Neutral ...

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    Ultimate Garages goes online

    If you're like us, you probably already own a copy of Ultimate Garages by Phil Berg, who in his career has been a former editor of both AutoWeek and Car & Driver. Ultimate Garages is that one gift friends and family members know you'll like for sure. Mr. Berg, now enjoying a successful ...

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    A glimpse inside a Garage-Mahal for rent

    Pampered parking garages for car collections in cities seems to be all the rage these days, with country club-like climate controlled environs for priceless works of automotive art and their owners. We've mentioned them in passing jealousy, but have yet to tour one first-hand, so Jay Loomis at the ...


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