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    VIDEO: The Smoking Tire launches, plays with Mazda enthusiasts in New York

    The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah inspects a first generation Miata - Click above to view the video after the jump
    Remember Garage 419? Good show, right? Buncha car guys talking about cars with occasional outbursts of hoonage -- quite the winning formula (full disclosure, they had us on as a guest). ...

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    VIDEO: Garage419 previews Truth In 24

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    With the 12 hours of Sebring right around the corner, all eyes are fixed on the 2009 ALMS season. The ultimate primer to ALMS, Audi's ground-breaking Truth in 24, airs on ESPN tomorrow at 8 pm EST and now we have the ultimate primer to the ALMS primer ...

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    They're Watching: Google StreetView catches Porsches testing in Colorado

    There's no hiding these days from Big Brother. The nutcases in the tin-foil hats would tell you there never was, but now even automakers have to watch out. Development teams out testing prototypes on public roads used to have to watch out for professional spy photographers, but with the advent ...

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    VIDEO: Garage 419 pits GT-R against rented Hertz Corvette... with nitrous

    Click the image above to view the gassed 'Vette take on the Nissan GT-R after the jump
    The Garage 419 team is anything but conventional, so when they say they're going to race a Nissan GT-R against a $500 competitor, you know it's going to be entertaining. Host Matt Farah had the easy task of ...

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    Garage419 Invitational wrap-up

    So, exactly a week ago, I was in Mt. Kisco at Grand Prix New York for the first annual (hopefully) Garage419 Invitational. Put simply, it was great. Big props to Matt Farah and the crew at Next New Networks for organizing the whole shindig, which put a big, fun group of guys (and one gal) together ...

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    Event Alert: The Garage419 Invitational is today!

    Heads-up, people: I'll be driving in the Garage419 Invitational later today at Grand Prix New York in Mt. Kisco. If you're in the area, the event's open to the public, so feel free to swing by and check out the festivities. All proceeds from the charity kart race benefit Racing4Research and the ...

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    Garage419 Invitational: 4 weeks to go!

    And now, a brief public service announcement and reminder. The Garage419 Invitational takes place exactly four weeks from today at Grand Prix New York in Mt. Kisco, NY. All proceeds from the event benefit benefit Racing4Research and the Children's Tumor Foundation, as they work to raise awareness ...

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    The Garage419 Invitational: Autoblog's in, and we need your support!

    The Garage419 Invitational is a pro-am-style charity kart race taking place on October 26 at Grand Prix New York in Mt. Kisco. All proceeds from the event benefit Racing 4 Research and the Children's Tumor Foundation, which are dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for ...

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    VIDEO: Corvette ZR1 track attack

    On a nice autumn day, some people go play golf. Others toss the pigskin around. Garage 419 shares our idea of a perfect fall day, though: Corvette Flogging. Not just any Corvette, either, but Garage 419's camera wonks were treated to plenty of neck-snapping fly-bys from the new Corvette ZR1. What ...

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    Video: Garage 419 - The Spinelli edition

    After we mourned the departure of Spinelli from his Postfather position at J-nik, we were enticed to check out one of his newest endeavors at Garage419, a video site dedicated to opinionated banter on the auto news of the day. It's kind of like a flame-war, but less civil and more informed. Matt ...


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