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    Shanghai 2009: Geely GE goes for baroque. Again.

    Geely Excellence Limousine - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Asian consumers loves them some baroque styling. How else to explain the popularity of gaudy, over-the-top couture in the continent's major city centers? Indeed, how else to explain the existence of cars like the Mitsuoka Galue ...

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    Mitsuoka Galue S50 Limousine plops onto the scene

    Click above for gallery with more images, if you dare
    Mitsuoka, that tiny Japanese manufacturer who makes the wonderfully wacky Orochi sea monster, has introduced its latest automotive mash-up, just in time to give us a Halloween fright. It is a derivative of the company's Galue III (the return of ...

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    Send it to the Galue factory: Mitsuoka's 'Stang/Rolls hybrid

    Click image to enlargeYou can probably build a drinking game around the art of discerning from what cars Japanese automaker Mitsuoka grabs styling elements in its insanely-rebodied lineup. One of its newest additions is the shockingly ugly, Ford Mustang-based Galue convertible (The Galue II sedan ...


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