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    Video: Author of Ready Player One gives away DeLorean via book 'Easter Egg' contest [w/video]

    If you have a geeky bone in your body and haven't read Ready Player One, stop reading this right now and get your hands on a copy. Author Ernest Cline has created an amazing universe within the story by drawing on some of the best elements of both science fiction and fantasy genres, along with ...

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    Video: Princess Leia. Car wash. No, we're not kidding

    Star Wars Charity Car Wash – Click above to watch the videos after the break
    It could very well be the ultimate car-obsessed/Star Wars fanboy fantasy. What is this latest object of our geekery? How about a car wash carried out by a gaggle of Princess Leias? And not just any Princess Leia, ...

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    VIDEO: Happy Fourth of July... now let's blow up some cars!

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    If you're a big fan of fully automatic machine guns, then there is a good chance that you've heard of the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show. The O.F.A.S.T.S. trade show features some serious hardware for purchase, including WWII anti-tank guns and ...


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