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    Video: Car Alarm Symphony prank sets off 100 sirens in parking lot [w/poll]

    We're typically big fans of the crew at Improv Everywhere. The group's lighthearted antics bring unexpected smiles to the most unlikely of places, but their latest stunt may have gone a bit too far for some of us on staff. The group wrangled around 100 cars and parked them in a lot in Staten ...

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    Video: Time-lapse parking lot problem solving

    We aren't sure what country this is, but parking-lot etiquette is clearly a foreign concept. Even without the the guy who thinks it's just peachy-keen to block everyone else in, this lot is a circus. When faced with adversity, however, those affected by their fellow motorist's lack of ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Mazda silences the kids

    Mazda silences the kids – Click above to watch the video after the break
    We love kids... other people's kids, that is. Yours truly doesn't have any progeny of his own to look after, so the need for a vehicle that has loads of interior space is mostly lost on me. If you do have some ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Anything you can do... men can do better

    I'm the King of Reverse – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Anything you can do, men I can do better. Sometimes, it seems that those of us who are of the male persuasion seem to think that we can do just about anything. And we're right, most of the time. There do exist those ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Teeter-Totter Parking Edition

    Mazda2 see-saw parking – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Mazda's commercial advertisements have long relied on the "Zoom Zoom" catchphrase, denoting that the assorted vehicles from the Japanese automaker are more fun to drive than their more staid competition. But eventually ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Free kick edition

    Goooooooaaaaallll! – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Football fans – or, if you happen to live in the United States... soccer fans – are well aware that 2010 is the year of the FIFA World Cup. The international competition has been run every four year since 1930, ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: When life gives you lemons...

    Where's Orville when you really need him? – Click above to watch the video after the break
    When life gives you lemons... make lemonade. So goes the ol' saying, at least. But what if the curveball life happens to be throwing your way (and the rest of your small Brazilian town) is an active ...

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    Video: Dodge Neon burnout ends in relentless fail

    This'll end well. Follow the jump to watch the video.
    Via the legitimately awesome cats at Hooniverse (bookmark those guys if you haven't already) comes today's humor interlude, captured on video for the Internet to enjoy forever and ever, Amen. In brief, it's a dude, his Dodge Neon, and a ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Ready for winter?

    Ready for Winter? Click above to watch the video after the break
    As someone who happened to have grown up in snowy climes of the Great Lakes States for the first 25 years of life, this author knows exactly how nasty it can be in the morning to walk out of your nice, toasty house on a cold and ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day - Meet the dogfish

    Meet the dogfish - Click above to watch the video after the break
    We've always been dog people. It's not so much that there's something wrong with cats, it's just that we can do more with our dogs... like teach them tricks, take them to the beach and play fetch. Apparently, Volkswagen of ...

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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Careful what you put in your mouth

    Careful what you put in your mouth - Click above to watch the video after the break
    It's a classic scenario: You visit someone's house for the first time... say, on a first date. You find yourself with a little alone time as your host tends to a few last-minute items before you take off together ...

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    VIDEO: Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Cheer Beer and the elusive parking spot

    Cheer Beer Parking Space Ad - Click above to watch the video after the break
    We've all been there. Is there anything more maddening than when you and three of your best buddies head out on the town for a day of merriment, only to find that there isn't a single spot anywhere on earth in which to ...

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    Weekend Photo Fun: Adventures in re-branding

    Click image to enlarge and see the front view, tooIdentity crisis? Repressed brand allegiance? People who intentionally rebrand their rides have reasons all their own. Take this pickup I encounted on my drive home yesterday. Maybe the giant bowtie on the tailgate is trying to compensate for ...

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    Used Integra, CHEAP!

    Normally, the phrase "only rolled once" isn't considered a positive attribute in a used car ad. For the sellers of this distressed 1999 Acura Integra, however, it's a defining characteristic. The high points (now low, due to the vehicle's inverted status) are that the parts should be in fine shape ...

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    Attention teen drivers: Dysfunctional driving video keeps it real

    When I took driver's ed, the short movies we had to watch decades old and horribly dated. The techniques shown, which applied for bias-ply tires and rear wheel drive, didn't cross over neatly to front wheel drive cars shod with modern radials. Tipster Martijn turned us on to this amusing bit of ...

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    VIDEO: Wheel falls off race car and returns to its home

    In the "Easily Amused" category for today is this video of an unfortunate racer who loses an all-important component -- a tire (or tyre, if you're so inclined to use the British spelling). The wayward appendage put on quite a show for the cameras, bouncing without interrupting the rest of the race ...

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    Woodward Dream Cruise 2006: the funny cars of Woodward gallery

    In addition to classic, exotic, and muscle cars inching up and down Woodward Avenue this weekend, there were also vehicles that defy discription and brought a smile to the face of everyone they passed. Take this one, for instance. We saw the Metro hot-rod cruising the avenue and finally caught it ...

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    Ford Futura Spring GT/A Wagon shows C&D's lighter side

    With all the talk of impending doom in Detroit, Car and Driver decided to ease the tension in its current June 2006 issue with a mock review of the 2006 Ford Futura Sprint GT/A Wagon. The facts, figures and specs surrounding the Futura Sprint are written with such a straight face that at times ...


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