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fuji heavy industries

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    Is Toyota preparing to purchase Fuji Heavy outright?

    Winding Road is reporting that a recent change in Japan's anti-trust regulations might mean that Toyota has a clear shot at acquiring a controlling interest in Fujji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru. Lest you think this might be some pie-in-the-sky notion, Subaru admits it could use ...

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    Fuji Heavy eyes America for future profits

    Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, has missed its sales goal for a five-year plan that ends next month. The end of one five-year plan, however, is the beginning of another. The next five years will see Subaru putting a much larger emphasis on the U.S. market (w00t!). The Japanese ...

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    Subaru to pull a Jackson and undergo another nose job

    Subaru's "propeller grill" has been received by both the media and the public with, to put it lightly, mixed feelings. Well, the automaker's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, has decided to put the kibosh on it and ordered a redesign. According to spokesman David Rowley of Subaru, the grill ...

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    Subaru taps Toyota to help with small car production

    With soaring gas prices around the globe, Toyota, makers of the Aygo, Vitz and Yaris, plans to work jointly with Subaru in the creation and production of a B-segment vehicle. According to the Associated Press, the fruits of their union will begin in 2008, with only European consumers getting a ...


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