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    Report: India goes on general strike to combat high fuel prices

    Governments the world over are doing their best to stave off budget shortfalls, and India has taken to upping the cost of fuel to cover its overhead. Turns out the common man isn't much for those kinds of shenanigans. According to the BBC News, after fuel prices shot skyward, opposition to the ...

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    New Hyundai Assurance provision locks gas at $1.49/gal for one year [w/VIDEO]

    Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock ads – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    Hyundai is piling on additional incentives to boost its Assurance program as the industry heads into the dog days of summer. The newest promotion, Gas Lock, fixes the price of regular unleaded at $1.49 per gallon ...

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    Interactive map reveals our global oil useage by barrel, money

    The Rocky Mountain Institute has created a nifty interactive map that shows you where the U.S. gets its oil from, along with how much - and who - the U.S. pays for its oil. Based on the thickness of the lines, you can see just how much black stuff is coming from where. The map goes as far back as ...

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    The NYT chimes in: time for a gas tax

    Can you hear that? Those are the war drums, and more and more of them are beating the same tune: bring on the gas tax. An editorial in The Gray Lady is the latest and arguably the weightiest to join the shock troops advocating for higher gas prices. The writer proposes a fluctuating consumption tax ...

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    Cheap Gas = Trucks to outsell cars again this month

    It's the same old story, people say one thing, yet do another. The price of fuel has fallen to the point that it's no longer financially ruinous to fill the tank on a full-size pickup, so looks like truck sales will eclipse cars in December. Despite the public's rhetoric about smaller and more fuel ...

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    Chrysler's $2.99 gas card promo pretty worthless, for now

    Oh well. Those Chrysler "Let's Refuel America" gas cards undoubtedly sounded good to car buyers over the summer when gas was well over four bucks and it seemed like there was no limit to how high the price could go. Offered in lieu of rebates, the gas cards essentially locked drivers into the ...

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    Man claims prayer brought pump prices down

    In the book of Genesis, man was given dominion over all the plants and animals, so we're guessing that dead, liquified ones count, too. Since Rocky Twyman started his Pray At The Pump effort in April, average fuel prices have certainly fallen. Twyman believes that his groups' prayers have effected ...

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    10 reasons why auto sales are dropping (besides the economy and fuel prices)

    Think of it as the Carsumer Price Index; new car sales are under pressure from other factors besides fuel prices and economic slowdowns, much like the Consumer Price Index strips out the price of fuel and food and then makes a proclamation about the economy. At least that's the theory that Pinny ...

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    MyGallons lets you lock in fuel prices

    UPDATE: The Better Business Bureau apparently has some issues with MyGallons. This post was written several days ago and we were not aware of the dustups at that time. You can pre-pay for cellphone minutes, here in New England it's popular to lock in your heating oil price for the winter, and now ...

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    Cops now charging for gas used to catch you

    The high cost of fueling up is affecting just about everyone at the pump. But it's also costing us at the grocery store, the airport, and, beginning July 1, it could bump up the cost of your speeding tickets, too. When a north Atlanta suburb spent 60% of its police fuel budget in only five ...

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    How gas prices work

    We're certain that we're not the only ones that shake our heads in disgust when we roll by a gas station (and bow our heads in shame when we actually have to fill up). With the price of gas starting to come down, we certainly all are a little puzzled about what influences fuel prices. ...

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    Ohio has nation's cheapest gas

    According to AAA, our friends in the Buckeye State are benefiting from the end of the summer driving season by registering the lowest gas prices in the nation. Ohio residents are enjoying a 30-cent discount on fuel, compared to the national average, partly due to seasonal demand and increased ...

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    Mimicking a similar project in the UK, a US-based organization has launched to help drivers save some cash on gas. The idea is seemingly simple: get a bunch of people together and give them a gas discount card, promise a popular, nationwide gas station chain that the group of people ...

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    States to drop gas taxes?

    With gas prices rising politicians in states like Maryland, South Caroloina, Connecticut, Georgia, New York and Nevada are considering reducing or even eliminating their state's gas taxes to ease the burden on the average citizen. This seems to us like a shortsighted solution designed more to curry ...

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    Should consumers brace for a return to the double-nickel?

    Spurred by high fuel prices, New Jersey governor Jon Corzine has introduced a plan to decrease fuel prices that would bring back the 55 MPH speed limit. OK, so it's only a proposal, and it's only one state, but pundits suggest that something like this could spread like wildfire in ...

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    Oil tops $75/bbl to conclude week of record prices

    The usual suspects were all present this week - fear and uncertainty over the possibility of military action in Iran, civil unrest in Nigeria, and the seemingly inelastic and insatiable demand for energy 'round the world - and oil ended up setting record highs nearly every day this week. Friday's ...


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