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    Report: Canada reveals first-ever vehicle emissions standards that looks awfully familiar

    Following the lead of the United States, Canada has reportedly chosen to employ a fuel economy regulation program for the first time ever, and it's virtually identical to ours. According to the Times Colonist, the differences between the two countries' programs are so minute that you could ...

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    New Federal CAFE standards officially released, 34.1 mpg by 2016

    We knew it was coming. Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency jointly released new federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) fuel mileage and greenhouse gas emissions requirements that will cover the 2012 through 2016 model years. The ...

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    AAA survey says fuel mileage paramount in consumers minds

    In a sign that the high cost of gasoline has finally struck a central nerve, car shoppers today are reportedly more concerned about fuel economy than they are about the brand of vehicle when shopping for a new car. In addition, consumers want more government control over fuel economy. This ...

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    Sixty-four House Reps ask President to favor softer fuel economy bill

    A group of Congressmen and women wrote a letter to the principal -- President Bush -- and told him not to pay attention to what the other students are saying. The sixty-four representatives requested that President Bush choose the house version of the fuel economy bill still being debated in ...


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