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fuel mileage

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    Automakers spared tougher CAFE rules - for now

    The U.S. congress gave automakers a break Thursday, as the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted down a proposal to require 33 mpg fuel economy standards (averaged over cars and trucks) by 2015.The same committee voted in favor of a bill to give the administration more authority to change CAFE ...

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    2008 Honda Fit Hybrid to get Insight engine

    Guess what happens to fit perfectly between the front wheels of a Honda Fit... the Honda Insight's hybrid powertrain. The distance between the front wheel hubs of both vehicles is identical, and a Honda insider confirmed to Bradley Berman of that the Fit will arrive in 2007 with the ...

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    High gas prices inflate nitrogen-in-tires debate. Again.

    The picture at right nicely captures the sales message at many service centers. But will you get better gas mileage if you inflate your car's tires with nitrogen instead of compressed air? That's one of the claims of advocates of nitrogen inflation systems, like N2Revolution, and auto service ...

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    Live Green, Go Yellow, Get Directions from OnStar

    OnStar will begin a service in June that can locate ethanol refueling stations for customers with E85-compatible flex-fuel vehicles. OnStar subscribers will first get an email detailing where E85 pumps are in their area and if they venture outside the comfort zone a quick push of OnStar’s ...

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    Nissan revises down Versa fuel economy

    In a short-but-sweet press release Nissan announced that it is revising downward the estimated EPA combined city/highway gas mileage for its Xtronic CVT-equipped Versa sub-compact. The original estimate was 38 mpg, which has now fallen to 33 mpg. Nissan offered no explanation for the adjustment. ...

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    Five Diesels from Europe that will out-eco a Prius

    Your Prius may be rated at 60 mpg in the city and 51 mpg while cruising the countryside, but chances are you’re not realizing those numbers the EPA obtained by strapping Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive to a dynamometer. In Europe, where fuel economy is calculated by actually operating an ...


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