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fuel filler

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    Recalls: Chevrolet Express, GMC Savana vans recalled due to fire risk

    Looks like the NHTSA investigation of the Chevrolet Express has turned into a full-blown recall. Some 9,000 of the full-size vans may have fuel filler pipes that are prone to excessive corrosion, which can lead to leaking. Fuel leaks, of course, lead to the possibility of fires. The affected ...

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    Range Rover TDV8 features idiot-resistant fuel filler

    The new Range Rover TDV8 is so powerful and so refined, the automaker says, that there is a distinct danger of the driver mistaking it for a gasoline-powered model and using the wrong type of fuel. The theory is that the drivers will simply be awed into delirium by the TDV8's sublime nature and ...


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