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    Report: Toyota planning Supra, MR2 successors within five years?

    Every sighting of a MkIV Toyota Supra compels a wistful pause and the rhetorical query, "Ah, Toyota... what happened?" The FT-HS concept has been adorning auto show plinths since 2007, taking rumblings of a Supra successor everywhere it went. Last December, four years of hoping out loud led to ...

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    Report: Toyota Supra rumors continue with 400-hp hybrid power

    Have we told you how badly we want a reboot of the Toyota Supra? One of the iconic cars of Gen X youth, the Supra died an untimely death in the mid-1990s along with the rest of the Japanese sports car market. This was, of course, long before most of us had managed to graduate from college and get ...

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    Report: Toyota secures trademark for Supra name

    Toyota FT-HS Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    What's in a name? Well now, that'd depend on the name, wouldn't it? For instance, while both are sporty cars from Ford, there's a big difference to Blue Oval fans when discussing the merits of the Ford Mustang versus the Ford ...

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    Toyko 2009 Preview: Toyota FT-86 Concept brings back the Hachi-Roku

    Toyota FT-86 Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Toyota's President Akio Toyoda has said the automaker is in desperate need of an excitement injection, and here's the first dose: the Toyota FT-86 Concept. Inspired by the Corolla-based AE86 sports coupe of the '80s, the FT-86 ...

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    Hybrids take priority over performance for Toyota in the U.S.

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Toyota FT-HS concept
    It wasn't that long ago that Toyota stood for more than just reliable, appliance-like transport. With roots that include the delectable 2000GT, the Celica all-trac and three generations of both the Supra and MR2, Toyota had – ...

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    Toyota hints FT-HS concept could inspire next Supra

    Click above to view more high-res pics of the Toyota FT-HS ConceptUsually we would have no reason to report on a concept that we've already seen debut. Hence, the Australian debut of Toyota's hybrid FT-HS sports car concept at the Melbourne Auto Show isn't really news. It becomes news, however, ...

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    More signs of an impending Toyota sports car

    Toyota did so well for so long with its sports cars and sporty cars that it's a wonder they gave up the market. Now it seems they're asking themselves the same question. Kazuo Okamoto, executive VP of R&D, said the company wants to try sports cars again, citing the need to build "more ...

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    Is it a Nissan? or a Toyota FT-HS mule?

    Click the photo for the NAIAS gallery of the Toyota FT-HS There have now been two sets of spy photos that have turned up showing a development mule wearing a hacked up Nissan 350Z body. At first everyone assumed it was a Nissan vehicle. However, in the background of the most recent batch of spy ...

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    Rumor Mill: New Supra details emerge

    UPDATE: Ed Hellwig from the Straighline Blog totally above image for high-res gallery of Toyota's FT-HS ConceptToyota's next-generation Supra is veiled in mystery, but we tend to take seriously any news coming from Winding Road's Peter Nunn because, well, he actually lives in Japan ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Toyota's FT-HS Concept in the flesh

    click above image for updated gallery with 17 additional high-resolution live shotsThe Detroit Auto Show was non-stop action for us, and amidst the melle of cars and press conferences we intentionally passed up on covering a few vehicles that didn't top the priority list. The Toyota FT-HS was not ...

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    Toyota FT-HS Concept Gallery

    At ten past noon on Sunday, January 7th, Toyota will take the wraps off its newest design study in Detroit. The FT-HS Hybrid Sports Concept will supposedly foretell the future of the automaker's performance offerings, but until then, we'll have to make due with the 50+ computer generated pics that ...


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