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ft-bh concept

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    Geneva: Minimalist Toyota FT-Bh Concept boasts 112 miles per gallon

    If what Toyota tells us about the FT-Bh is true, it's not some futuristic fantasy, but a design study that points to what a next generation Yaris hybrid might look like. With an unbelievably low, sub-1,800-pound curb weight and a 0.235 coefficient of drag, the FT-Bh uses minimalist design rather ...

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    Geneva: Toyota teases FT-Bh concept hybrid city car ahead of Geneva

    Most concepts you'll see on the show stands of the Geneva Motor Show will come packing some manner of sci-fi powertrain and ultra-expensive chassis and body materials. That's where the Toyota FT-Bh concept stands apart. Toyota is calling it a "full hybrid city car study," so the FT-Bh isn't ...


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