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    BREAKING: New GM drives out of bankruptcy this morning [*UPDATED]

    After a scant six weeks in bankruptcy court, General Motors is on its way out of Chapter 11. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Gerber approved the sale of GM's good assets to a new company lead by the U.S. and Canadian governments and the UAW healthcare fund, but gave vested parties four days to ...

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    One Last Time: Henderson slams door on Pontiac G8 revival

    Middle East-market Chevy Lumina SS - Click above for high-res gallery
    General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson held a web chat with journalists earlier today over at the automaker's Fastlane Blog. (Full transcript available here.) Now, despite persistent rumors to the contrary, it's been reported a few ...

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    REPORT: GM cutting executive pensions, ex-CEO Wagoner to get pinched the most

    With General Motors in bankruptcy, it was only a matter of time before pensions came under scrutiny. The Detroit News is reporting that GM CEO Fritz Henderson has confirmed that executive pensions beyond $100,000 per year will be cut by two-thirds. Recently defenestrated boss Rick Wagoner will ...

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    GM CEO ranks #2 on Letterman's list of Top Ten Worst Summer Jobs

    There's no question that there have been better summers to be the chief executive officer of General Motors. Bankruptcy hearings, plant closings, job cuts and a near certain pay cut will no doubt put a damper on Fritz Henderson's backyard barbecues. The CEO job is so undesirable that it cracked ...

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    Ed Welburn defends GM design from HuffPo attack

    So what do you do if you happen to be Global Vice President of General Motors Design and a blogger calls your company out for lacking a modern sense of design? Well, if your name happens to be Ed Welburn, you respond with an open letter of your own. After Huffington Post writer Gerald Sindell ...

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    REPORT: Detroit execs grilled on dealer cuts by Congress, Henderson agrees to cough up closure list

    When it comes to dealership closings, there is a big divide between what General Motors, Chrysler and President Obama's auto task force want and what dealers and Congress want. The bankrupt Detroit automakers say that closing dealerships will save money, streamline vehicle delivery, improve brand ...

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    REPORT: GM to declare bankruptcy before markets open, chief restructuring officer named

    General Motors' bankruptcy endgame appears to be at hand, with word coming out that the automaker will indeed file for Chapter 11 protection early on Monday morning, which in turn is expected to trigger $30.1 billion in U.S. government loans. That funding will arrive on the heels of the $19.4 ...

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    Warren, MI mayor offers GM deal to move headquarters, Detroit officials counter

    Earlier this month, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson said in reference to the possibility that the automaker may move its headquarters from Detroit: "We're looking at, frankly, everything within our business, but it's not like we have that queued up at the top of our list. We don't have any such ...

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    Will GM consider moving its headquarters out of Detroit? [w/POLL]

    Yesterday's media question-and-answer session with General Motors' CEO Fritz Henderson didn't reveal much in the way of actual news, but at least one question raised a few eyebrows: "Is GM considering moving its corporate headquarters?"While that's an unlikely scenario, Henderson stopped short of ...

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    Experts call GM bankruptcy 'almost inevitable' [w/POLL]

    To stave off bankruptcy, General Motors must rework its union contracts, drastically cut its capacity, workforce and dealer networks – and convince creditors to take 10 cents on the dollar on $27 billion in unsecured debt. In two months. That's a herculean task for any company, much less for ...

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    Fritz: Chevy will be competitive, top-quality brand in two years

    2011 Chevy Orlando: Click above for gallery
    General Motors is in the middle of a massive restructuring, and if it manages to escape catastrophe without going belly-up, good news could be in store for the Chevy brand. GM CEO Fritz Henderson told AutoWeek that the bowtie will emerge as the big ...

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    GM future hinges on success of new debt-for-equity swap offers

    In addition to announcing the shuttering of Pontiac, General Motors has put forth a new offer to its bondholders to exchange $27 billion in claims for equity in the struggling automaker.As part of the plan, GM is offering its bondholders a 10% equity stake in the company, but worryingly, if 90 ...

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    Henderson says GM bankruptcy decision still in doubt; Hummer decision expected before month's end

    We were on General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson's teleconference with reporters this morning, and while the proceedings were light on revelatory news (okay, there really wasn't any), some important things were clarified:Namely, Henderson denied that the company has reached a decision on whether to ...

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    New GM CEO Fritz Henderson gives live press conference at 10AM EST

    var so = new FlashObject ("", "Player", "400", "326", "8", "#000000");so.addVariable("skin", "onecliplive");so.addVariable("site", "gm");so.addVariable("fr_story", ...

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    GM warns it could be out of cash by March 31 if second $5.4M loan is delayed

    General Motors is ringing the alarm bell over a delay in the second installment of its bridge loan. Chrysler faced the same thing when it was waiting on its first installment, but eventually got its money in time. GM puts the delay down to having to fill out a great deal of paperwork and having to ...

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    GM COO says no small car for U.S.

    While at the Paris Motor Show, General Motors COO Fritz Henderson told Automotive News that GM has no plans for a minicar in the U.S. While Henderson acknowledges the popularity of the Smart mini/city car, he describes it as a phenomenon and doesn't see a strong case for a similar sized minicar for ...

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    GM: HUMMER sale "urgent", done by early '09

    HUMMER, a brand that has seen its sales drop by a shocking 40% so far this year, is apparently burning an SUV-sized hole in General Motors' pocket. Main money-man at the biggest American automaker, Fritz Henderson, says that GM wold like to rid itself of the brand as quickly as possible, saying ...

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    GM discusses brand strategy, opens bag, releases cats

    GM President Frtiz Henderson came squeaky clean about the state of GM's brand portfolio, hurdles and losses. On the issue of too many brands, he admitted that the reason GM still has so many is that it is simply too expensive to kill any one of them. GM spent almost a billion large putting ...

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    GM assembles group to explore relationship with Chrysler

    According to the Financial Times, General Motors has actually created a group to explore a potential purchase, alliance or other relationship with the Chrysler Group. Rumors have continued to persist that General Motors is interested in outright purchasing the Chrysler Group from DaimlerChrysler, ...


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